Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 Sports Moments of 2008

Tonight for their Top Ten plays, Sports Center showed the top ten sports moments of 2009. 
Here is my list in no particular order. 

  1. Tiger Woods forcing a playoff and winning the US Open with a torn ACL.
  2. Eli Manning breaking free and completing a circus catch to David Tyree to eventually beat the previously undefeated New England Patriots.
  3. Henry Cejudo becomes the youngest freestyle wrestler to win an Olympic gold medal.
  4. Stephen Curry taking Davidson to an elite 8 and almost knocking off the eventual NCAA Champs, The Kansas Jayhawks.
  5. Michael Phelps winning 8 swimming gold medals in the 08 Summer Olympics.
  6. Mark Perry of the University of Iowa winning his second strait NCAA championship on a torn ACL, also guiding the Iowa Hawk-eyes to their first team championship since 2000.
  7. Michael Crabtree's game winning touchdown catch to beat Texas and knock the Horns out of the national championship game.
  8. Usain Bolt winning the 100m and 200m dashes, breaking the world records in both events.
  9. The whole Brett Favre saga. As much as I hate to admit it I was glued to the TV to find out where he was going to play or if he was going to play.
  10. The Dream (Redeem) Team winning gold in Beijing, making up for their disappointing 2004 Olympic turnout. 

Going Out With A Bang!

I wanted my last post of 2008 to be something memorable. Something that would leave a mark on the year past. Something that would motivate us to be better in 2009. 
That's I'm posting this. I'm sure it will be a hit and win many awards by the time this coming year is over. 
So my friends without further adieu I present FAST AND FURIOUS . . .

Vin is back with vengeance!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You will Be missed

Thank you for the last 14 years, Coach Shanahan.
Record: 146-89
Super Bowl Champs: XXXII, XXXIII

Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Late

I've been home for a while now, like two weeks or something and I've come to conclusion that I'm perfectly content with doing nothing(by doing nothing I mean not having a job and not going to school). I'm not lazy when I'm home. I try to help out where I can. I helped my mom with dinner tonight. I play with Anna. Last week I helped my grandma take care of some stuff. I kinda stay busy, but nothing strenuous. Honestly if I could get by without working or schooling I think I would. In fact after much pondering and reflection I think those are the two things that make me the least happy in my life. I hate my job and I hate school. The only reason I'm working and schooling is so I can have money. That's it. I need money now so I work at Little Caesars'. I want a steady income someday so I'm trying to get my degree.

Wouldn't life be so much easier if we didn't have to worry about money. Think of all the cool things we could do instead. I would just leave and travel for a while. I wouldn't have to worry about the cost of my plane ticket or food or boarding. I would just load up and go. 
I don't think I would just sit at home and do nothing. I don't want to be lazy but I don't to work either. 

I know that this isn't possible. I'm not saying I'm not a happy person. I even find a little happiness at the two killers of happiness, work and school. It's just a thought.

I wrote song about it and even made this fine music video for my song that I wrote.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog a di Blog da Blog Blog Blog

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. Why is this you ask? Well good question. I've been rather busy. Although this is Christmas 'break' It seems like I haven't had much time to just relax, but just because I've been busy doesn't mean that I'm not having a good time. 
Like today for example. Today my grandmother and I went Christmas shopping. We haven't had a Grandma-Grandson date since I was a little kid. She even took me to Olive Garden after we were done. What a good grandma. 
I've also really enjoyed Mom and Dad. I miss hearing such phrases as, "Hey, hey son. . . Have you ever seen a grown man naked?", or just hearing my mom yell at me to get me up for church(its great I've never ever needed an alarm clock growing up, but the downside is you can't push snooze on your mom). 
Home is good. I hope my friends are having a good relaxing break as well. 
Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Go Turn Their Heads, Go Knock 'em Dead, Go Break Their Hearts

Friday We(Tom, Quinn, Nadia, K8lyn, Jenna) went to see Limbeck at Kilby Court. It was an all acoustic set. The First cd I heard of Limbecks' was a live acoustic album, which is my favorite album of theirs, so I was really excited to see this show. 
The marrieds met us there along with Andrew. It was an excellent show. I've seen Limbeck twice before. Both times were really good but this show was my favorite. It was just Rob and Patrick telling jokes and playing songs. They pretty much took requests from the audience the whole time. 
All of this was great but the highlight was when the guys from Limbeck brought up their karaoke machine and Thome, Quinn and I all sung Sweet Caroline on stage at Kilby. . . Good times.

My Family Away From My Family

Friday, December 5, 2008

2008: My favorite year of music

I've been working in this for a while. I wanted it to be MY list. Just remeber I'm no music critic, so here it is: My favorite albums of 2008

  1. Eels: Useless Trinkets –There are over 50 rare or never released songs on this album. I don’t think I need to write anything else
  2. Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes – I had a chance to see them live in October, amazing experience. There’s not a bad song on the album
  3. Okkervil River: The Stand-Ins –What a great album. I think that Will Sheff is one of the best song writers around.
  4. Sigur Ros: Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust- I had a chance to see them live this year and didn't go. It was a huge mistake. This album is very differnt from their pervious albums, in a good way.
  5. She & Him: Volume One – This was my favorite surprise of 2008.
  6. Lightspeed Champion: Falling Off The Lavender Bridge– One of my most listened to albums of the year.
  7. Drew Danburry: This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak For The Club- I’d been waiting a really long time for this one and it did not disappoint
  8. Connor Oberst: Connor Oberst – Good bye Bright Eyes. Some of his best song writing
  9. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago- Skinny Love isn't the only good song. I love its stripped down sound.
  10. Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend - Some of my friends will not agree with me on this one, but I really don’t care. It’s a really fun album from start to finish. It was new and fresh.
  11. Nada Surf: Lucky – A really good and catchy pop album
  12. Little Joy: Litte Joy- I actually just found this album a few days ago. I really love the old time sound.
  13. Jolie Holland: The Living and The Dead –When I heard ‘Springtime Can Kill You’ I fell in love. In my opinion this album is a lot stronger.
  14. Jenny Lewis: Acid Tongue – I’ve talked to people that love this album and people that hate it. I personally really like it. Every song is a well told story.
  15. Blind Pilot: 3 Rounds and a Sound- One of tracks on the album was the free download of the week on iTunes. i listened to it and loved. The whole album is great.
  16. Apollo Sunshine: Shall Upon Noise – This album is crazy. It’s really diverse; every song is completely different from the other
  17. Tilly and The Wall: o- I was really excited for this album, becuas I didn't know what they could do different with their music. They did change their sound for most of this album. Their are some really angry songs on here especially the last track. Don't F around with Tilly.
  18. Ryan Adams and The Cardinals: Cardinology – It’s Ryan Adams, so of coarse I like it. It’s not as solid as some of his previous albums but nonetheless a good album. The more I listen the more I get it. He’s always going to be my favorite.
  19. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: Perishing- It was a good soundtrack to the summer.
  20. Weezer: Red Album- The first six songs are really solid. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived is such a good song. Many will disagree that I even put this on the list, but common it's most definitly their best work since Pinkerton.
  21. Deathcab for Cutie: Narrow Stairs- I really like this album. It's didn't have songs like 'I'll follow you into the dark' or 'Lack of Color', but it was still a good album. There are some really good songs.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"We're Going to Be Friends"

I've made really good friends this semester. Some of you are going home for the winter semester. I'm going to miss you friends that are leaving. It was good to get to know you and I hope that this summer when you return we can continue our friendship.
Tuesday(Wednesday) Fest was great tonight. In my opinion one of the best of the semester. Thanks. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Wrestler

I want to see this movie. Maybe you will too after you watch the trailer.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Harper Inspired me with her music video blog. I'm going to steal her idea and do exactly the same thing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flip Flops Sandals And Thongs

Saturday I went to a really good show. It was Drew Danburry's CD release followed by a really fun set by a band I just recently started listening to, Bishop Allen. 
I had a really good time like I usually do when I go to concerts. If you ask any of my friends they will be the first to tell you that after every show I go to I usually have nothing bad to say. For while after every show I would say something like, "that was the best show ever." I really watch myself and I'm careful to throw that phrase around so carelessly. 
In my time here at BYU-I I've had the oppurtunity to attend some really good shows. Last night I was thinking about some that I've been to and decided to make a list of a few of my favorites. 

The Format: I've seen The Format four times and every time was extremely good. There's something about seeing a band that you've memorized all their lyrics and even know a little something about their personal life(I swear I'm not a creeper). My first semester they were one of the first bands that I got into. In April of 06 I was able to take Jed to see them. It was his first show and because of that they are his favorite band. 
In July of 06 The Format came to Salt Lake right after Dog Problems(probably one of my favorite albums of all time) released. As they started their set it was completely dark on stage and Nate came out. All you could see was the but of his cigarette glowing orange as he got closer to the microphone. Then they started to play Dog Problems(the title track from the album) with basically a full orchestra. It was almost life changing.

Bright Eyes: Last November we traveled up to Billings, MT to see Bright Eyes. I had seen him earlier in the year and really liked it, but he didn't play a very long set and only played songs from his new album, Cassadega. 
The Show in Billings was great. He played for nearly 2 hours and played songs from all of his albums. His stage presence was really good. He even interacted with the crowd unlike the first time I saw him. The high light of the show for me was when he played You Will. You?Will. You? Will. You?Will. Its one of my favorite songs and it was amazing live.

Steel Train: I first started listening to Steel Train during the summer of '05. I really liked their music then. Their first albums were mostly acoustic and there were even a lot of instrumental songs.
I didn't see them live until the summer of '07. I really didn't know what to expect. I thought they would come out and sit on stools and play acoustic songs. I expected a really chill set. I WAS WRONG. Out of all the bands I've seen they put on the best live performance. They flat out rocked. They played all new songs that I'd never heard before, songs that would later be on one of my favorite albums, Trampoline. They started out with Alone On The Sea. I hate to say this because I'm really manly, but I got kind of emotional during the set. I almost got choked up. That's how good it was. 
During the song Monster's In The Rain Nate Ruess from The Format came out and sang. 
I've seen them two more times since. Both times were great, but nothing will compare to the first time I saw them live.

Melee: During fall of '05 I went with Meghan, Kent and Cierra to see Copeland at the Low-fi Cafe in Salt Lake. The second band to play was a band that I had never heard of, Melee. 
Right from the begging they grabbed my attention. Their energy was off the charts. I could tell that I wasn't the only one getting into the set. Everyone their was dancing and moving along to their songs. The lead singer would switch back between guitar and piano. They covered Tiny Dancer, which was really cool. 
I bought their cd and I'm sad to say that their album doesn't compare to their live performance, but if I ever have the chance to see them live again, I will 

Limbeck: This show was good for so many reasons. The music was great and it was fun to sing along, but the reason Limbeck makes the list is because they are really funny. Rob and Patrick(the lead singer and the guitar player) are hilarious. It was seriously like a stand up comedy routine between songs. They told stories about touring and just talked about really random funny stuff. I love Limbeck.

Maria Taylor: Maria Taylor has an angelic voice. Her lyrics are inspired. I was surprised at her(and her bands) ability to rock out. This show was also good because it was my first time to go to Kilby Court. I owe Maria big thank you for that. Ever since that I show I'm hesitant to go anywhere else to see a concert. Kilby is special. It has the comfort of a backyard house show, but it's right in the middle of Salt Lake City. There's a fire pit right outside where you can stay warm in the winter. There's a no moshing policy and you never get kicked in the head by a crowd surfer. 

Drew Danburry: The first time I saw Drew was at Heart, Mind and Soul here in Rexburg. The crowd was really rude that night. Everyone was there to see Love You Long Time and wanted to dance and didn't really care about Drew, but for those of us there that payed attention to his set, we were all inspired(musically). Every time Drew roles into town I make it a priority to go. He is a real musician. You can tell with every song that he sings that it is some how special to him. 
I've seen him with a full band a couple of times and as good as he his by himself(acoustic) he's much better with a full band. 

Of Montreal: I had only heard their newest album(Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?) when I saw them last November. I didn't need to know all of their songs to enjoy the show. It was the most theatrical set I've ever seen. Their was an elevated cat walk, dress changes, a projector with all kinds of weird art and animations showing in the background etc etc. 
They were really fun live and Kevin Barne's has an amazing vocal range. He was better live then he is on the the album.

Tilly and The Wall: Summer of '06 Meghan went to see Tilly and The Wall with Steven and Shauna. I've never been more upset for not going to a show. I got a copy of their CD from Meghan after the show and listened to it consistently. This past summer Tilly finally came back to SLC to play at Kilby Court. It was a much anticipated show for me. I went down with las Mexicanas and we had a blast. Tilly is known for their live shows. Instead of a drummer they have a tap dancer which adds a whole other element to their performance. The tap dancing isn't the only thing that made this show special. They are one of the most energetic bands I've seen. It's amazing to me that they can perfrom at such a high level night in and night out. 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

There's A Lot of Wrong Directions On That Lonely Way Back Home

I usually don't like to post back to back song lyrics, but this song has a lot of special meaning to me. It reminds me of a few people who are very special to me. 
I think we can all relate to it on some level.

Artist: Kris Kristofferson
Song: The Pilgrim Ch. 33

See him wasted on the sidewalk in his jacket and his jeans,
Wearin’ yesterday’s misfortunes like a smile--
Once he had a future full of money, love, and dreams,
Which he spent like they was goin’ outa style--
And he keeps right on a’changin’ for the better or the worse,
Searchin’ for a shrine he’s never found--
Never knowin’ if believin’ is a blessin’ or a curse,
Or if the goin’ up was worth the comin’ down--

He’s a poet, he’s a picker--
He’s a prophet, he’s a pusher--
He’s a pilgrim and a preacher, and a problem when he’s stoned--
He’s a walkin’ contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction,
Takin’ ev’ry wrong direction on his lonely way back home.

He has tasted good and evil in your bedrooms and your bars,
And he’s traded in tomorrow for today--
Runnin’ from his devils, lord, and reachin’ for the stars,
And losin’ all he’s loved along the way--
But if this world keeps right on turnin’ for the better or the worse,
And all he ever gets is older and around--
>from the rockin’ of the cradle to the rollin’ of the hearse,
The goin’ up was worth the comin’ down--

He’s a poet, he’s a picker--
He’s a prophet, he’s a pusher--
He’s a pilgrim and a preacher, and a problem when he’s stoned--
He’s a walkin’ contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction,
Takin’ ev’ry wrong direction on his lonely way back home.
There’s a lotta wrong directions on that lonely way back home.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Someone That I Can Believe

I love Mr. E. This isn't the first time I've mentioned him in a blog and it won't be the last. Here's some lyrics from one of my favorite songs

Song:Dirty Girl

Once and a while your life gets so good
Worth all the trouble of the past
That was the case but I think I always knew
Good things don't ever last

And if I ever see her again
Just walking by with some new guy
I know that I will need to pretend
And hope our eyes keep tellin' lies

I like a girl with a dirty mouth
Know that I can trust her
We had our time but it didn't last too long
And that time is good and gone. . . 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Look Back 50 Years

When I found out that Barack Obama officially won the presidency I was curious to see the reaction of my peers. I logged onto Facebook and read the statuses of various people. I wasn't surprised by many of their reactions. I attend a very conservative school, naturally I have conservative friends. Many of them were upset with the outcome of the election. This is understandable, but as I scrolled through the many different sentiments of my friends I read something that troubled me. A friend of mine complained that the  media should stop talking about the importance of electing a black president, instead we should start focusing on issues. 
I thought deeply about this comment and have concluded how I feel about the statement.

Yesterday was the day to celebrate the first African American president elect of the United States of America. There will be plenty of time to battle out issues and policy, but yesterday was historic. 

Fifty years ago this country was conflicted with the issue of civil rights. Blacks and whites were not considered equal in the eyes of much of the country. Just fifty years ago African Americans were lynched, shoved to the back of busses, forced to attend different schools, use different drinking fountains, restrooms, etc, etc. This wasn't too long ago. 

After yesterday I can say that our country has officially come a long way. We elected the first African American president in the history of our grand country. It was a proud day for man kind. Barack Obama stands for something more than just the president of The United States but also as symbol to all those who came before him; for those who died, were beaten, persecuted, who stood up for a cause of equality. He is a symbol for all of them.

I believe that President Obama is a righteous and competent man. I believe that in these next four years he will steer this country in the direction it so desperately needs to head. I am grateful to live in a time where my fellow Americans looked past color and race, but rather judged by character and competence. Today I am proud to be an American.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)

Tonight I was thinking about things I like/love and why I like/love them. I came up with this little list of eight things and a brief explanation for each. This is kind of random, I know. . . but oh well
  • Dr. Pepper: Why do I love Dr. Pepper? So many reasons. First, it just makes me feel good. I don't drink alcohol, so I compensate that with my good ole buddy caffeine(which is contained in Dr. Pepper, if you didn't know). Second, it burns your throat going down. This may be a weird reason and some you might ask, "Sac, why is that ranked so high?" Honestly I can't tell you. I just like it. Third, my mom loves it. I think it's one of the reasons we're so close. 
  • Neil Diamond: Neil Diamond was my first love, musically that is. . . I promise. He's one of the main reasons I love music. I remember the first time I heard Sweet Caroline. It put shivers down my spine. The man hasn't stopped either. He just keeps writing music. His new album is amazing. If you want a copy give I'll give it to you. 
  • Thrift Stores/Garage Sales: When I was but a wee little lad, every Saturday my mom would drag us kids all over town hitting every garage sale we saw and then to the thrift store. I hated it. I don't know why either, cuz I scored a lot of cool stuff. This dislike for second hand shopping lasted circa junior high. Then one day it clicked. I'm not even sure why. Ever sine then I love second hand things. In high school when I started driving, Meghan and I would go every Saturday to the thrift store. This tradition continues today. I don't go the specific day of Saturday, but I make it a point to go at least once a week.
  • Shoes: I love shoes. I know it's kinda girly, but I seriously can't help it. When I was younger I ordered the Eastbay catalog and study every pair of shoes within its pages. I may or may not continue this practice(I'm not saying). I have a lot of shoes. Most guys wear one or two pair I think I have at least 7 pairs that I wear on a regular basis. It's bad, because I'm poor and don't have money and some how still manage to buy shoes. If I had lots of money I would probably have a closet just for shoes. 
  • Lord of The Rings: Not necessarily the movies(they're alright I guess), but the books are amazing. They're the only books I've read more than once and I'll probably continue to read them multiple times before I die. They're so good. I get really caught up in them. I know what's going to happen but it's still really intense for me every time I read.
  • My Grandparents: I've realized that I have a really special bond with my grandparents that most people my age don't have. They've always been a part of my life. For the past 20 years we've never lived more than twenty or thirty minutes away from their house. I've basically had the luxury of having a second set of parents. Growing up they never missed a wrestling match, football game, play or anything else of significance in my life. I call them every week and every week it's a phone call I look forward to. I love them very much. 
  • My iPod: I'm not going to lie, it's my most prized material possession. All the music that I have is stored safely within it's chrome walls. If I were to lose it, it would be a really sad day for Zach Gibson. I love music, so naturally I love the apparatus that plays my music.
  • NCAA Wrestling Tournament: The spring before my sophomore year my dad took me and my best friend to the NCAA's. It was one of the greatest times of my life. I'd never seen better wrestling. The roar of the crowd, the feeling within the arena was something that I'll never forget. Since that first time I've been back to see it live twice. I don't have the luxury of living in middle America anymore, but I watch the finals every year on ESPN. I usually stay on the phone with my dad pretty much the entire time, discussing back and forth what's going on with the matches. I AM a college wrestling fan. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Of The Star High School Running Back

This song reminds me of people that I went to high school. I think its a true story. 
I'm not trying to sound better or burn anyone. The song just emphasis how meaningless it is after high school being the "star" running back/quarterback was. 

Its by the Mountain Goats

sophomore year, you rushed for an average of eight and a third yards per carry. all eyes were on you. junior year, you blew your knee out at an out of town game. nowhere to go to but down down down. nothing but the ground left for you to fall to.  by july, you'd made a whole bunch of brand new friends, people you used to look down on. and you'd figured out a way to make real money -- givin' ends to your friends, and it felt stupendous. chrome spokes on your japanese bike, but selling acid was a bad idea. and selling it to a cop was a worse one. and the new law said that seventeen year olds could do federal time. you were the first one, so i sing this song for you, william stanaforth donahue, your grandfather rode the boat over from ireland, but you made a bad decision or two. yeah.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stand Together, Hands Forever. Bound By Hope & Love

Saturday night we were all sitting around singing acoustic covers of Neil Diamond and Weezer songs when all of a sudden we came up with the idea to write a song, not just a song but a song that would change the world. We wrote that song and tonight at Music Outlet our dream became a reality. 
Imagine Michael Jackson and his pop hit We Are The World. . . . now X's that by 105. It was epic we had the whole crowd into it. It started out of with Myke and Ford then the rest of us gradually filtered up on stage. All 15 of us belted out the chorus along with chants and bops and la ti da's. It was truly an epic night. 

The song went like this:
Guitar intro
Verse 1
Ford's speech/call to action (start approaching the stage)
Whys (everyone singing)
Chorus build-up (shake hands with three people)
Chorus 2x (take off hoodies/jackets/sweaters to reveal white shirts)
Guitar interlude (no singing/talking)
Verse 2 (same lyrics as Verse 1)
Chorus build up
Chorus till we drop

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Arts and crafts

Man! I have a lot to blog, blog, blog about. I'll start of in order.
  1. I was on a poster on campus promoting jogging. I can't believe I failed to write about this before. Anyway It's probably the highlight of my whole life. I've finally made it to the tippy TOP. Thank you Quinn Merrill.
  2. This weekend was really fun, by far the best weekend of the semester. Harper had a mock tail party (very much like a cocktail party) on Friday. Drinks were great and so were the decorations. Then we went to Sherries(like Denny's but like good and stuff). I had the best damn chocolate pie I've ever had in my life. No joke. We played sugar salt roulette. It was a gay ole time. 
  3. Saturday: Straw Maze or as the Ancients would have called it a Maze, Maze. We went to the straw maze outside of town. We were lost for a really long time until finally we found the way. We took a what we thought was a shortcut. It turns out it was the portal to Narnia. Mr. Thomas greeted us with tea and strumpets. We found are way back right to the end of the maze. Afterword we had a maddog (brownie with mint chocolate chip ice cream and carmel on top. We eat it of the table) at our place. It was a really good turn out. It was the first maddog for a lot of people there.
  4. This didn't happen this weekend but tonight(Tuesday) we had Arts & Crafts night. We made friendship bracelets for each other and listened to Fleet Wood Mac on vinyl. I was supposed to make homemade ice cream, but kinda dropped the ball. 
The week only seems to be getting better. I don't have any class on Thursday because of com day, so I'm going to Salt Lake to see Fleet Foxes. Then on Friday Sherwood is playing in Rexburg. Paul and Brenda, and hopefully Doug are coming down for the weekend. Should be good. Maybe bloggable. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh Sister and Oh Brother

I don't have anything to blog about this week, but man! this pictures is really funny. It's of my little sister Anna. I saw it yesterday and laughed like crazy. It's the background on my computer.
Jed sang in the MTC Choir in the Priesthood Session. Here's a screen shot of his international TV debut. He left Wednesday for Arizona and I heard last night that he's in Yuma. I've circled his face in green if you couldn't tell.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For You My Dear

This has been a really fun semester. I've met some really cool people and we've done some really fun things. At the same time it's been a little weird too. For the first time since I've been in Rexburg my sister isn't here. She's just a phone call away, but I do miss her. I go to DI by myself now. I also miss my brother. He's on his mission right now. I got a letter from him yesterday and an email today. As much as I miss him, I'm also really happy and excited for him. In the letter and the email I received you can really feel his excitement. He's happy and that makes me happy. 
I also miss friends that aren't in Rexburg. Friends that normally would be here. I hope that you all know how much I love and appreciate you. 
At the same time I'm very grateful for the friends that are here right now and for the friends I've made. I like it how we're all very different, but at the same time we have a lot in common. We're a very dynamic group and we all have a lot to add and give to each other. I guess I'm thankful, that's all. 

Monday, September 29, 2008

Songs, Faces and Second Hand Clothes

I go to the thrift store at least once a week. Lately I've had difficulty finding anything of any worth to me, but I continue to go hoping to luck out and find something worthy of my thrift store collection. 
Saturday I made my weekly trip to DI in search of second hand treasures. I wasn't expecting to find anything of much worth, but that's what I do, I go and look anyway. I always start off looking through the clothes, then the shoes, then records. After records I go out and look in courtyard area for paintings, various sporting goods and lamps. After that I make my way back inside to look at the books, hats and sunglasses, oh! and mugs. I like mugs. 
Saturday was a special day. It was the best thrift-store day I've had in the past 6 months. I found all sorts of hidden gems. I found a really cool vintage polo and a navy blue cardigan in the clothing area, but the find of the day were all the records I discovered. It was truly an amazing day. I love DI. 

Here are the records I found
  1. Paula Abdul- Forever Your Girl
  2. Belinda Carlisle- Heaven on Earth
  3. Huey Lewis and the News- Selftitled
  4. Huey Lewis and the News- FORE!
  5. Bon  Jovi- Slippery When Wet
  6. The Police- Every Breath You Take
  7. Michael Jackson- Thriller
  8. Jefferson Starship- Nuclear Furniture
  9. Mr. Mister- Welcome to the Real World
  10. Carly Simon- Coming Around Again
  11. Peter Gabriel- So
  12. The Dirty Dancing sound track

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Love Is Hell, Pt. 1

Songs like this are why I like music so much 

Ryan Adams
I Taught Myself How to Grow Old

"Poor little rose, beaten by the rain
In the wind in the gale, thunder and the hail
Sometimes I feel like I'm going insane
Without the numbness or the pain so intense to feel
Especially now it added up through the years
And I, I taught myself how to grow
Without any love and there was poison in the rain
I taught myself how to grow
Now I'm crooked on the outside, and the inside's broke

Most of the time I got nothing to say
When I do it's nothing and nobody's there to listen anyway
I know I'm probably better off this way
I just listen to the voices on the TV 'til I'm tired
My eyes grow heavy and I fade away

'Cause I, I taught myself how to grow
Without any love and there was poison in the rain
I taught myself how to grow
'Til I was crooked on the outside
I taught myself how to grow
Without any love and there was poison in the rain
I taught myself how to grow
'Til I was crooked on the outside, inside's caved
Crooked on the outside, inside's caved
Crooked on the outside, inside's caved
I taught myself how to grow old"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Lucky One

I got to put on his name tag. As I walked him down to put up his luggage it hit me that I'm not going to see or hear from him for two whole years. I did the same thing. I was just as excited as he was when I got to go. He showed no signs of regret or fear. Jed is man. He's so grown up. I've never seen anyone more ready to be a missionary.
These last two days have been great. I got to pick up Jed from the airport Tuesday and then take him to the MTC this morning. I'm so happy that I got to see him and spend a little extra time with him before he entered the mission field. 
I love him so much, not only is he my brother but my best friend. We have a special bond that only brothers can have I suppose. He's my younger brother, but yet he's such an example to me. I look up to him. 

I am going to miss him, but I can't wait to get letters from him and know how his two year adventure is going. 

The lyrics from this song remind me of him.

"You’re the lucky one so I’ve been told
Free as the wind blowindown the road
Loved by many, hated by none
I’d say you were lucky cause I know what you’ve done
Not a care in the world not a worry in sight
Everything’s going to be all right
Cause you’re the lucky one"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Plus Ones

Every once and a while I'll here a song that has an absolute profound effect on me. Like the first time I heard "Gone For Good" by The Shins or "If Work Permits" by The Format. 
The other day I I was listening to All Songs Considered, a podcast by NPR that I subscribe to.  At the end of the program they played a song that I had never heard before, Plus Ones by Okkervil River. As soon as I heard it I focused in to all the words and the music of the song. I fell in love. It was amazing. It had the same kind of effect on me that the above songs had on me. 
What is really neat is that I had just got the album a few days before from my brother-in-law. I've listened to it like a thousands times or so since. 
That's all I guess.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're All Stuck Out In The Desert, And We're Gonna Die

I'm back from my trip of the Dirty South, as they call it down there. It was a worthwhile 
experience. Memories were made, friendships strengthened, and I didn't go to bathroom for almost a whole week. It was crazy. My stomach felt so bad by the time I got to Oklahoma, but that's a whole other story. Needless to say I had a really good time. I don't have all the pictures from the trip, but my next blog will be photo tribute to The Anti-Americanadian Summer '08' Road Trip. 
I'm back in Rexburg and I'll admit I miss my family just a little. I really enjoyed being home. Sometimes I can be a real jerk to them and I'm glad they were able to put up with me. I really enjoyed being with Jed. I'm really going to miss him when he leaves, not only is he my brother but along with Meghan he's my best friend. 
Anna was really funny. I'm not going to lie I let her get on my nerves a few times, but I just have to remember that she's only seven. When Tom and Quinn were at our house she entertained them well. I love her accents. She does a British, Australian, and an Indian impression which are all actually the same voice she just says in a a high middle eastern sounding voice, "Hello Ima British" or "Hello Ima Indian." It's really funny. I really miss her along with everyone else. 
I have really great parents. The last few times I've been home I've realized how much I appreciate and love them. 
I'm back in Rexburg now. School starts in less than two weeks. I'm kind of anxious. I'm ready to be done, but at the same time I'm going to miss everyone when its time to leave. 
This isn't a very manly blog. I sound like a wimp. Which really doesn't make sense since I can grow facial hair and have like a whole tool set.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Asian Hooters

Tonight I went with Jed and his friends to Japanese Steak House which is like Bennie Hanna's which reminded me of The Office which reminded me of Asian Hooters.
It was one of the greatest dining experiences of my life. We were all sitting at this horse shoe table with a big grill in the center. All of a sudden the authentic Japanese chef came out and squirted vodka all over the grill and set it on fire. Flames flew up in the air. I think it might have singed Jed's eye brows. It was insane. Then he cooked all of the food right in front of us. It was very entertaining. He was throwing his knives everywhere, he even made a volcano out of onions. Incredible. The food was really good. I got the steak and scallops with fried rice and vegetables.

I give Asian Hooters two thumbs way up!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Washed Under The Blacktop, Gone Beneath My Wheels. There's Nothing That The Road Cannot Heal

So it's official. We're road tripping. On August 16th Tom, Quinn and maybe others will pull into Miami, OK. Then its off to Graceland, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Disney World and who knows where else. The possibilities are endless. I'll keep everyone posted. Laugh with us, cry with us, hurt with us, BE A PART OF US.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Electro-Shock Blues

I've been home for little over a two weeks now, I think. I honestly don't know how long I've been home. We were so busy getting all of Meghan's reception stuff ready that I've lost all concept of time. Things have slowed down considerably though. It's good and bad. Good because I was really tired. I would get off of work at seven then come home and work till about midnight getting the yard and other things ready for the reception. Bad because now I don't have anything to do. I come home and do the following: watch HBO and ESPN, play on facebook, listen to music, read (I've read 1 1/2 books. I'm not bragging, it was just a goal of mine to read at least two books while I'm home and I've almost completed my goal. I might even have time for three or four.).

I guess that's pretty much it and I guess those aren't bad things its just that I don't have much of a social life.

There have been some good/not so good discoveries(mostly musically):
  • Conor Oberst's new album is my favorite of the year so far
  • I've learned to appreciate Radio Head and Broken Social Scene

  • Electro Shock Blues by the Eels is one of the greatest albums I've ever heard

  • Johnathan Rice makes good music

  • I like Akon and forgot how awesome Tupac is/was

  • Things the Grandchildren Should Know is the best book I've read in the last year and a half

  • Working at a Concession stand is not for me (This is the last week)

  • Oklahoma is extremely hot and humid

  • It's hard to back out of our drive way at night (I had a little accident)

  • I really like air conditioning

That's about it. I'm not sure what the next month here is going to be like. Probably good though. Jed is really funny. I'm probably going to start donating plasma. I need to find another job. Who knows. I don't even know how I'm getting back to Rexburg or where I'm living in the fall. That should keep me busy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Things The Grandchildren Should Know"

I'm reading this really amazing book right now called "Things The Grandchildren Should Know" it's by Mark Oliver Everett, the lead singer of the band Eels. I haven't been this involved in a book in a really long time. The man has lived a very interesting life. The Eels were one of my favorite bands to begin with, but after reading more about the artist and what the albums and songs are really about it gives what I've been listening to a much deeper meaning. I've only got about 40 more pages to go and as soon as I'm finished ( which should be sometime tomorrow after noon) I'm going to sit down with a pair head phones and listen to every Eels album from start to finish.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Now You're Really Living

The Eels- Hey Man Now Your're really Living

Do you know what it's like to fall on the floor
And cry your guts out 'til you got no more
Hey man now you're really living
Have you ever made love to a beautiful girl
Made you feel like it's not such a bad world
Hey man now you're really living
Now you're really giving everything
And you're really getting all you gave
Now you're really living what
This life is all about
Well i just saw the sun rise over the hill
Never used to give me much of a thrill
But hey man now you're really living
Do you know what it's like to care too much'bout someone that you're never gonna get to touch
Hey man now you're really living
Have you ever sat down in the fresh cut grass
And thought about the moment and when it will pass
Hey man now you're really living
Now you're really giving everything
And you're really getting all you gave
Now you're really living what
This life is all about
Now what would you say if i told you that
Everyone thinks you're a crazy old cat
Hey man now you're really living
Do you know what it's like to fall on the floor
And cry your guts out 'til you got no more
Hey man now you're really living
Have you ever made love to a beautiful girl
Made you feel like it's not such a bad world
Hey man now you're really living
People sing
Do you know what it's like to fall on the floor
And cry your guts out 'til you got no more
Hey man now you're really living
Just saw the sun rise over the hill
Never used to give me much of a thrill
But hey man now i'm really living

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Top Albums of 2008 (so far)

  1. Conor Oberst- Conor Oberst
  2. O-Tilly and The Wall
  3. Useless Trinkets- Eels
  4. Falling Off The Lavender Bridge- Lightspeed Champion
  5. Sixes & Sevens- Adam Green
  6. Saturdays=Youth- M83
  7. Fire Songs- The Watson Twins
  8. Perishing- Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
  9. Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend
  10. Volume One- She & Him
  11. The Mountain Goats- Heretic Pride
  12. Lucky- Nada Surf
  13. Re-Arrange Us- Mates of State
  14. Savannah Drive EP- Maria Taylor
  15. Visitor- The Dodos
  16. Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust- Sigur Ros
  17. We Started Nothing- The Ting Tings
  18. Narrow Stairs- Death Cab for Cutie

There are some albums I'm really anticipating that will come out later this year. I'm sure this list will get bigger.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Angel Don't Die for Four More Years

I'm home in Oklahoma after 24 hours in a car with 6 other people (I'm counting Anna as two people), countless bathroom stops, horrible Chinese food, and good music.
It was one of the most memorable weekends I've ever had. My family came to Rexburg for the first time since I've lived there. They came up for Meghan's graduation and wedding. It was really great. They were able to meet all my friends, people that I've talked about for the past three years. It was good for them to put faces with all the people and stories I've talked about and told.

We had a big meet the Gibsons BBQ at Porter Park on Friday. Not only did my family enjoy meeting everyone, but I'm pretty sure that my friends enjoyed meeting my family.

We left Saturday to go to Ogden. Jed and Meghan were going through the temple for the first time. It was a really special day. It was the first time that I've been in the temple with my entire family, even Anna was in the lobby.

Monday was a really fun day. We spent all day in Salt Lake. My Aunt Paula, who came with my mom and dad, had never been to Temple Square, so we did a little sight seeing.

On Tuesday Meghan and Brady were married in the Salt Lake temple. Not to steal their thunder, but it was because of Jed and I that the wedding even happened. You could say that we are heroes. We don't run around in masks or capes, nor do we have any kind of super power, but its the little things that make heroes. Brady forgot the wedding licences and didn't realize it until we got to the temple. They asked the two most trust worthy people he knew. . . . Zach Gibson(ME) and Jed Gibson. It was crazy. Usually heroes don't face as much adversity as we did, but it was no easy task. As we sped out of the parking garage towards Brady and Meghan's apartment we had to twist and curve through traffic. We busted in and got the licence, jumped in the car and sped off once more. On our way back we were stopped at a light and all of a sudden the car dies. I'm freaking out. I turn the key, nothing happens. I turn the key again. . . nothing happens. I turn the key a third time and starts. We race back to the parking garage. We jump out and get in the elevator. As crazy as it sounds, the elevator got stuck, but we didn't panic. Jed popped off the top hatch and pulled the cables until we eventually got to the top. Needless to say we got the marriage licence there and the wedding commenced as planned. That's what heroes do. They save the day. Meghan and Brady YOUR WELCOME.

The reception was really amazing. That combined with the wedding was one of the happiest days of my life. There were people there that I haven't seen in really long time. All my best friends minus a couple were there. My sister looked really pretty and happy. It was just an marvelous day and a good way to end the semester.

Now I'm home and will be for a while. I'm going to miss all my friends. I just want everyone to know how much this weekend meant to me and my family. Thank you.

Its seven weeks with Jedidiah Aaron Gibson and the rest of the Gibson clan. Should be an adventure.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dagone SumB, Arbys, Biscuts and Gravy, Randy Travis

It was a really good weekend. I went to my ward activity. I really didn't want to go but I'm so glad I went. We got there at 7 30 or so Friday evening, right in time for dinner. Dinner was bueno. Then we went jet skiing and hot tubing. It was cool. Stephen was in Rexburg so we decided to leave and get him then come back and stay at the cabin. . . . that's when it all went down.

When we came back to Rexburg before we got Steve we ran into Brittany and Megan Allen. Quinn went and got bottles of pop to drop off the stadium. That was cool, but then they talked Quinn into driving on campus. I'll admit that I was a little scared. I didn't want to do it, but we didn't get caught. . . . until later. We decided to barricade the main road between Heritage and The Physical Plant. Then the cops came and everyone ran. I tried to hide but I didn't have a good place. Quinn ran clear to Taco Time, Tom jumped in the car, so did Meghan and Brittany. I was alone to deal with said police officer. I was so scared that someone turned us in for reckless driving on campus. Luckily it was just for blocking the road. He was actually kinda cool about it.

The rest of the weekend was really fun. Tom, Quinn, Wayne, Tyler, Steve and Troy and myself all stayed Friday night at our bishop's cabin. We got up and had a good breakfast. Then we went boating. I don't know how to explain this but there was this humongous flat tube that they were pulling people around behind the boat. We had a battle royal getting pulled about thirty miles per hour behind the boat. It was rad.

Sunday we had our fantasy football draft. It was the best draft I've ever been a part of. I really excited.
Here's my Team:
Muddville Monsters

1.Adrian Peterson 2.Frank Gore 3.Ben Roethlisberger 4.Brandon Marshall 5.Jason Witten 6.Chris Chambers 7.Santana Moss 8.Kevin Curtis 9.Deuce McAllister 10.Phillip Rivers 11.Lee Evans 12.Fred Taylor 13.Lendale White 14.NYG Defense 15.Robbie Gould

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've been had

Ryan Adams: These Girls

Well, girl sometimes i feel just like a boy
Put here on this earth for you to toy around with
Like matchbox cars you buy and burn in your backyard
Like monsters underneath your bed you ain't afraid of yet
But you let me in
And i feel alright
Yeah, i feel alright
The late night girls are anxious
And they're coming out to play
I've been stranded on their doorstep for every night and day
I only want them more, it's so sad but when they smile
God, I've been had
I get hypnotized and i wanna go to bed
I used to pick up shells cast off the reef
One Christmas i got a funeral and they handed me the receipt
How ever many lies i tell without my tongue
Get twisted into memories 'til i believe them some
And i toy with you
And you toy with me
Can you stop this please
God bless all the late night girls, and they're coming out to smile how can anybody feel bad
It makes me tired and i wanna go to bed
These are better off in my head
These girls are better off in my head

With My Shirt Tucked In And My Shoes Untied

I love riding bikes so much. Probably my third favorite past time ever. Me, Tom, Quinn and Erica rode bikes for almost three hours on Sunday. We road places I've never been before. I had no idea that the bike path extended down past the cannal and over by the high school. We found a whole other bike path right by our house. It was really great. The weather was so nice too.

Sunday was just a good day. I even enjoyed church. I stayed awake for all three hours. I usually sleep through at least one hour.

I havn't stopped listening to Tilly and The Wall since there show on Wednesday. There new cd is from great start to finish. I haven't enjoyed a new album this much in a while. I think it helped seeing them live. It really made me appriciate the new songs.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Time Here Is Brief

M. Ward: Chinese Translation

I sailed a wild, wild sea
climbed up a tall, tall mountain
I met a old, old man
beneath a weeping willow tree
He said now if you got some questions
go and lay them at my feet
but my time here is brief
so you'll have to pick just three

And I said
What do you do with the pieces of a broken heart
and how can a man like me remain in the light
and if life is really as short as they say
then why is the night so long
and then the sun went down
and he sang for me this song

See I once was a young fool like you
afraid to do the things
that I knew I had to do So I played an escapade just like you
I played an escapade just like you
I sailed a wild, wild sea
climbed up a tall, tall mountain
I met an old, old man
he sat beneath a sapling tree
He said now if you got some questions
go and lay them at my feet
but my time here is brief
so you'll have to pick just three

And I said What do you do with the pieces of a broken heart
and how can a man like me remain in the light
and if life is really as short as they say
then why is the night so long
and then the sun went down
and he played for me this song

But Sister It's The Oppisite of . . . .

Today was Anna's birthday. She turned seven. I can't believe she's getting so old. I remember how old I thought I was when I was seven. I really missed being at home today, more than I have in a while. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to home. I don't like missing days like today.
They had a really fun party. They went to the George Washington Carver Museum over by Neosho. Then they went and played in the park. The park there is really pretty. The best part is the little cave where you can wade around and get your feet wet. It was one of my favorite places when I was a kid, so it made me really happy when I found out that part of Anna's party was there today.

Kristina's and her girls came to. They even had a talent show and I'm sure there was swimming.

Meghan and I got her a Light Bright and a unicorn costume for her birthday present.

I love my family very much. I hope your birthday was amazing, Anna.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chinese Translation

I love my friends. I've never had friends like I've had here at Rexburg ever in my life. I'm sad that the semester is coming to an end. Honestly I'm kinda getting choked up thinking about it. I'm really going to miss everyone. Especially Noemi, Vickie and Deb. They're the best.

Today was the fourth of July. HAPPY AMERICA!!!! It was seriously great. Here's how it went down.

  1. Parade

  2. Swimming (lots of it)

  3. Nap

  4. Burger King

  5. Fireworks

  6. Skate Park

I'm not going to lie the parade was really lame. I hate parades. But the second half of the day was pure bliss. We went Bridge Jumping and swimming at Monkey Rock. It was the first time since last summer that all of our old friends were together again. It was just like old times. Monkey Rock is one of the most beautiful places here in Rexburg. There's this amazing water fall out in the middle of no where. I love it there.

Then we went to the Sand Bar. Which was rad. I tried to teach Vickie to dive. She needs a lot of practice :)

Playing in the skate park after the fireworks was a lot of fun. Noemi took some sweet pics. Maybe I'll put them on here if she posts them.

And we ended with watching the most American movie of all time. . . . Independence Day! Not only is America saved from utter destruction by an unknown alien race, but Will Smith does the saving. How awesome is that.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Not So Summer Soundtrack

Here are some musics that I've been listening to during the coldest "summer of my life." Today is June 6th and the high today was 55. Anyway here is my list.

Lightspeed Champion
  1. Tell Me What It's Worth
  2. Midnight Surprise
  3. Everyone I know is listening to Crunk
  4. Galaxy of the Lost

Chris Garneau

  1. Black and Blue
  2. Relief
  3. Saturday
  4. So Far
  5. Love Zombies

Bright Eyes

  1. On My Way to Work
  2. Kathy with a K's Song
  3. Oh You Are the Roots that sleep beneath my feet
  4. Arc of TimeYou
  5. You Will. You?Will. You? Will. You?Will.

Shout Out Louds

  1. Impossible
  2. Hard Rain
  3. South America
  4. Normandie

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bands That I Like

I'm always talking about how this band or that band is in my "top five," so after careful thinking here is a list of my top 5 bands(they're all my favorite so there technically is no number 1)

  • The Format
  • Bright Eyes
  • Rilo Kiley/The Elected/Jenny Lewis
  • Drew Danburry
  • matt pond PA

After all the new music I listen to it seems that these are the bands that I always come back to.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just Some Movies

I've seriously watched some of the best movies I've ever seen this semester. These have been my favorites in no particular order.

  • Darjeeling Limited

  • Wristcutters: A Love Story

  • The Life Aquatic

  • Into The Wild

  • Rocket Science

  • Almost Famous

  • The Virgin Suicides

  • Once Upon A Time In Mexico

  • Once

  • Death At A Funeral

  • Juno

  • The Warriors

  • Army of Darkness

I think there are more, but these are all that I can think of right now.

The List of Summer Plannings

Here is the list we made of things to do this summer

- Hike Table Rock and see the sunrise.(edited)
- white water rafting
- Yellow Stone (all of it)
- Go to shows that are good
- Co Op WEd NEw England(enough said)
- A Christmas in July Party
- Bike Gang will ride again
- Go to Mesa Falls
- Attend a Rodeo(or multiple rodeos)
- Water Kick Ball
- Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
- Camping (lots of it)
- Science Experiments from the top of the stadium
- fly kites
- That old favorite - badminton
- go to Creators of the Moon
- Learn to throw a boomerang
- Play croquet with party beverages
- Slip 'n' slide
- Float Fall River-
- Tag stuff(I'm not sure if this is facebook tagging or if this is tagging, like actual tagging with spray paint. Only tom will tell)
- Dress as Team Zissou and bike through town playing that one song... you know the song
- Megaphone at joggers and bikers ( just a disclaimer the "j" in joggers is soft. It's pronounced yoggers)
- Document everything by using a video recording device (we need to find one)