Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're All Stuck Out In The Desert, And We're Gonna Die

I'm back from my trip of the Dirty South, as they call it down there. It was a worthwhile 
experience. Memories were made, friendships strengthened, and I didn't go to bathroom for almost a whole week. It was crazy. My stomach felt so bad by the time I got to Oklahoma, but that's a whole other story. Needless to say I had a really good time. I don't have all the pictures from the trip, but my next blog will be photo tribute to The Anti-Americanadian Summer '08' Road Trip. 
I'm back in Rexburg and I'll admit I miss my family just a little. I really enjoyed being home. Sometimes I can be a real jerk to them and I'm glad they were able to put up with me. I really enjoyed being with Jed. I'm really going to miss him when he leaves, not only is he my brother but along with Meghan he's my best friend. 
Anna was really funny. I'm not going to lie I let her get on my nerves a few times, but I just have to remember that she's only seven. When Tom and Quinn were at our house she entertained them well. I love her accents. She does a British, Australian, and an Indian impression which are all actually the same voice she just says in a a high middle eastern sounding voice, "Hello Ima British" or "Hello Ima Indian." It's really funny. I really miss her along with everyone else. 
I have really great parents. The last few times I've been home I've realized how much I appreciate and love them. 
I'm back in Rexburg now. School starts in less than two weeks. I'm kind of anxious. I'm ready to be done, but at the same time I'm going to miss everyone when its time to leave. 
This isn't a very manly blog. I sound like a wimp. Which really doesn't make sense since I can grow facial hair and have like a whole tool set.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Asian Hooters

Tonight I went with Jed and his friends to Japanese Steak House which is like Bennie Hanna's which reminded me of The Office which reminded me of Asian Hooters.
It was one of the greatest dining experiences of my life. We were all sitting at this horse shoe table with a big grill in the center. All of a sudden the authentic Japanese chef came out and squirted vodka all over the grill and set it on fire. Flames flew up in the air. I think it might have singed Jed's eye brows. It was insane. Then he cooked all of the food right in front of us. It was very entertaining. He was throwing his knives everywhere, he even made a volcano out of onions. Incredible. The food was really good. I got the steak and scallops with fried rice and vegetables.

I give Asian Hooters two thumbs way up!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Washed Under The Blacktop, Gone Beneath My Wheels. There's Nothing That The Road Cannot Heal

So it's official. We're road tripping. On August 16th Tom, Quinn and maybe others will pull into Miami, OK. Then its off to Graceland, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Disney World and who knows where else. The possibilities are endless. I'll keep everyone posted. Laugh with us, cry with us, hurt with us, BE A PART OF US.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Electro-Shock Blues

I've been home for little over a two weeks now, I think. I honestly don't know how long I've been home. We were so busy getting all of Meghan's reception stuff ready that I've lost all concept of time. Things have slowed down considerably though. It's good and bad. Good because I was really tired. I would get off of work at seven then come home and work till about midnight getting the yard and other things ready for the reception. Bad because now I don't have anything to do. I come home and do the following: watch HBO and ESPN, play on facebook, listen to music, read (I've read 1 1/2 books. I'm not bragging, it was just a goal of mine to read at least two books while I'm home and I've almost completed my goal. I might even have time for three or four.).

I guess that's pretty much it and I guess those aren't bad things its just that I don't have much of a social life.

There have been some good/not so good discoveries(mostly musically):
  • Conor Oberst's new album is my favorite of the year so far
  • I've learned to appreciate Radio Head and Broken Social Scene

  • Electro Shock Blues by the Eels is one of the greatest albums I've ever heard

  • Johnathan Rice makes good music

  • I like Akon and forgot how awesome Tupac is/was

  • Things the Grandchildren Should Know is the best book I've read in the last year and a half

  • Working at a Concession stand is not for me (This is the last week)

  • Oklahoma is extremely hot and humid

  • It's hard to back out of our drive way at night (I had a little accident)

  • I really like air conditioning

That's about it. I'm not sure what the next month here is going to be like. Probably good though. Jed is really funny. I'm probably going to start donating plasma. I need to find another job. Who knows. I don't even know how I'm getting back to Rexburg or where I'm living in the fall. That should keep me busy.