Monday, January 25, 2010


"Oh I Wish I Had A Sun Tan
I Wish I Had A Pizza And A Bottle Of Wine
I Wish I Had A Beach House
Then We Could Make A Big Fire Every Night
Instead Im Just Crazy Im
Totally Mad"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yesterday: The Beatles?

Yesterday was a good day.
Not this past Christmas but the Christmas before I got a book from my aunt. This book is called The Road. It took me almost year to start reading it. I regret not having read it sooner.
I started the book yesterday and finished it today. It was an amazing book. I couldn't wait to turn the next page.
It's about a post apocalyptic earth. Very few people are alive. There is no food. The sky is dark. Ash is every where and makes it hard to breath. A father and his son are trying not to starve and fight off the remaining people who are trying to survive too.
My description doesn't do the book justice. It's a great book. Just read it.
Also. . .
Christina pre-ordered Eels new album, End Times, for me for Christmas. Every Eels album gets better. I've listened to it all day. There's nothing better than hearing great new music from your favorite band/artist. Thank you, girlfriend.

It's really fitting that both the book and the album are about the end of the world

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Old Mr. Barnslow. He's Silly

I'll never forget the time I got caught stealing watermelons from old Mr. Barnslow's watermelon patch. I was with my friend Wayne. We were giggling so hard I thought I'd wet my pants! At first we tried to steal two watermelons each, but they were too heavy and we dropped them, and that made us laugh even harder. Finally, we each picked out a good one, and we were just about to sneak back through the fence when we heard a low, deep voice behind us. "Just where do you think you're going with those watermelons?" I gulped and turned around. It was old Mr. Barnslow, pointing his shotgun at us. Wayne dropped his watermelon, then pulled out the .38 revolver he kept in his waist, turned, and fired. But the turning must have thrown off his aim, because the shot only hit Mr. Barnslow in the thigh. Mr. Barnslow immediately fired both barrels at Wayne. One blast of buckshot missed entirely, but the other tore into Wayne's shoulder. He tried to fire back, but his shoulder was so torn up he couldn't raise his arm. Just as he was trying to switch to his left hand, Mr. Barnslow ran up and cracked him across the face with the butt of his shotgun. Wayne fell to the ground in a heap. Mr. Barnslow raised the butt of his gun to finish him off, but just then Wayne pulled out his hunting knife and plunged it into the farmer's big white belly. After that, I don't think I stole watermelons for at least a year.

Friday, January 15, 2010

One for me, One for my hommies

Lately I've been making little raps. I've become quite good at it. I want to share some with you. They've all been to Christina. I'd like to call them freestyle text raps. Before I share I want to give a special thanks to Eminem, Tyler Wonnacott, Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Rap #1
Name: Fox

Girl, You're not a squirrel,
You're a fox!
Meet me at the box,
jack in the box.
When we get there we'll get some fries
And hope they don't have flies. . .
You wanna know why?
So we don't DIE
WORD. . .

Rap #2
Name: Night On The Town

Yo Gurl! you like the sun.
Lets have some fun
and then we'll run to the store and I'll buy us some more chips and dips
and I'll whips this car around
and go on down to another town
Gurl, don't frown
And I won't drown!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Too Cold For School?!

Today school was cancelled in Miami, OK. Why, you ask? Because it was too cold. How cold was it? Good question. It was only -2. I was really dissappointed in Oklahoma today(The whole state closed schools because of wind chill advisories). The state that brought you Toby Keith and OU Football closed schools today because it was a little chilly outside.
There are two reasons why this is bad for me.
1. I don't get paid. I've been substituting at the high school. If there is no school. I don't get money.
2. I don't get paid.
Although I am pretty upset about the whole not making money thing, I have had a good day. I. . . .
-Slept in till 9
-Listened to some music
-Read my book
-talked to the girlfriend
-took pictures on Photo Booth with Anna and her friend Alexa (see pic above)
-watched PTI
-filled a bird feeder
-drank Dr. Pepper
-went to the store and bought turkey, wheat thins and fig newtons
-ate some banana cake
-cleaned my room very thoroughly
-did some laundry
-prepared myself to watch the big game tonight

I like home. I like being with my family. But I also need money! School starts up on Monday and seriously doubt there will be more cancelations in the near future. That's good.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pt. II

She's so silly.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Moon is Blue Not

I was more than displeased to find out that a blue moon has nothing to do with the color or tint of the moon. All it means is that there are two full moons in a month. That sucks! Shouldn't they call it a double full moon or something else besides blue.
On New Years Eve Anna and my cousin Bryce asked me what a blue moon was. I told them it was when the moon has a bluish tint and that it's a very rare occurrence.
Later that night I went outside to see if the moon was blue. It wasn't, so I went to my good friend Google and looked it up. That's when I read the sad news/truth about the blue moon. Man! did I look like an ass. In front of little kids too! That's the worst. I should have just kept lying to them.