Thursday, January 7, 2010

Too Cold For School?!

Today school was cancelled in Miami, OK. Why, you ask? Because it was too cold. How cold was it? Good question. It was only -2. I was really dissappointed in Oklahoma today(The whole state closed schools because of wind chill advisories). The state that brought you Toby Keith and OU Football closed schools today because it was a little chilly outside.
There are two reasons why this is bad for me.
1. I don't get paid. I've been substituting at the high school. If there is no school. I don't get money.
2. I don't get paid.
Although I am pretty upset about the whole not making money thing, I have had a good day. I. . . .
-Slept in till 9
-Listened to some music
-Read my book
-talked to the girlfriend
-took pictures on Photo Booth with Anna and her friend Alexa (see pic above)
-watched PTI
-filled a bird feeder
-drank Dr. Pepper
-went to the store and bought turkey, wheat thins and fig newtons
-ate some banana cake
-cleaned my room very thoroughly
-did some laundry
-prepared myself to watch the big game tonight

I like home. I like being with my family. But I also need money! School starts up on Monday and seriously doubt there will be more cancelations in the near future. That's good.


Myke said...

Don't forget the Flaming Lips. OK is the state that brought us the Flaming Lips.

cmonayyy said...

Wimps. Although if it got to -2 here, people would probably start to kill themselves.


jk, not a funny joke.