Monday, October 18, 2010

The Age of Adz (pronounced Odz)

Friday night we bought Age of Adz, the new Sufjan album at Best Buy. We waited until we were done at the mall and then put it in on the drive home. We listened to it the whole way home. We took a small break, got some Dr. Pepper, then drove to the park and finished the album.
It was one of my favorite first listens of an album probably since Dog Problems. I've been waiting for a new Sufjan album for years and it didn't disappoint.

Also, We're going to Salt Lake this weekend(kinda). We're leaving Friday afternoon and coming back earlyish on Saturday. I'm excited to see Meghan and Brady. They're are best friends. I'm also going to get a Big Carl.

Also, call me a party pooper, but I'm not very excited for Halloween. Last year me and Christina did laundry and watched the World Series. It was really great. Who knows maybe we'll dress skanky and crash DJ Matt Hoffman's Halloween dance bash or maybe we'll just bob for apples.

I hate economics.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm getting old. I can't stay up late anymore. Twice this week I've tried to stay up past 2 and I can't do it. The old me would start homework at 1am and go until 3am or so.
Both times I've fell a sleep sitting strait up, typing! I'm turning into my dad(minus the snoring. . . I think).
It's been a crazy week as far as school goes. This weekend is much needed. Christina and myself are going to buy the new Sufjan album tonight. I feel like this album is going to change my life or something. It probably won't, but still, I haven't been this excited for an album in a while.
Also, I'm glad I'm marrying Christina and not someone else. I really liked waiting in the drive through line with her at Jack in the Box for almost twenty minutes last night. I really like the Ben Kweller song 13 too.

Saturday, October 9, 2010