Friday, January 30, 2009

Wristcutters: A love Story

I watched this movie last winter and loved it. I bought it about a month ago and watched it again yesterday. It's a good one. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Letter From Elder Gibson

Dear Family, 

I hope everyone's week was amazing, I had a really good week this week. I could tell you alot of stories, but there is one that has really taught me a lot this week. Well It has been snowing here this week, and people like to cancel if its cold (The apaches look for any reason to cancel lol) Well all of our teaching appointments had canceled, and i was really down. That day when i went to check the mail, we had gotten a media referal for Finding Faith in Christ. We thought nothing of it because the apaches order these things because they are free. And the directions with it where like go two miles pass the fish hatchary and turn right at the big tree and turn at the big pond. So i have a hard time finding street directions, so apache directions are worse for me, but Elder Rowland and I just felt like we should go to take this to this lady. So I called her, and she was like no help at all, she said if you can find me, you can bring it. So we were up for an adventure. We had a member of ward who had a 4wheel drive truck take us out on the Res to find this lady. Well for two hours we went down old hunting roads up in the wilderness and we were going to give up, I frankly was scared i knew some drunk apache had set us up to be killed, so before we were going to go home we said a prayer and thought we should try one last road( when i say road i mean a patch through pine tree's deep in the White Mountains lol) Well we tried the road, and to our relief there was a little plywood shed sitting at the bottom of the cannon, with no electricity and no running water. But we took her Finding Faith In Chirst DVD (she had a mini dvd player like anna's and a generator.The lady started crying and said I though God had forgotten me  But I felt so wonderful after that, It really made me realize that Hevenly Father knows all his children and he doesnt forget us. He knows where we are even if we are 30 miles from civilization. I want you all to know that I know this church is true. I know Our Heavenly father loves us, and cares for us. And his Son Jesus Christ directs this work. 

Love Elder Jedidiah Gibson 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There Are Roads Left In Both of Our Shoes

Today I was making my daily run through music blogs I follow to see if anything new was posted. In one of the blogs, You Are The Voice, I found an acoustic concert Ben Gibbard did for NPR in 2007. I downloaded it and have honestly listened to it most of the day. 
The album has Death Cab, Postal Service, and songs that Ben has released himself all together for one show. As I've listened to these songs stripped down and played on acoustic guitar and piano (especially the Postal Service songs) I find myself falling for them all over again. The lyrics to these songs are so well written. Behind each song is a well told story, put together poetically to enlighten and entertain the listener. 
I will forever be a fan of Death Cab for Cutie (Ben Gibbard). 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton

The lyrics are below if you can't understand them in this semi crappy video

the best ever death metal band out of denton
were a couple of guys 
who'd been friends since grade school 
one was named sirus 
the other was jeff 
and they practiced twice a week in jeff's bedroom 
the best ever death metal band out of denton 
never settled on a name 
but the top three contenders 
after weeks of debate 
were satan's fingers and the killers and the hospital bums
jeff and sirus believed in their hearts
they were headed for stage lights and lear jets
and fortune and fame
so in script that made prominent use of a pentagram
they stenciled their drumheads and guitars with their names
this is how sirus got sent to the school
where they told him he'd be famous
and this was why jeff
in the letters he'd write to his friend
helped develop a plan to get even
when you punish a person for dreaming his dream
don't expect him to thank or forgive you
the best ever death metal band out of denton
will in time both outpace and outlive you
hail satan
hail satan 
hail satan
hail, hail 

Friday, January 16, 2009

In The Words of Sylvia Plath

“I love people. Everybody. I love them, I think, as a stamp collector loves his collection. Every story, every incident, every bit of conversation is raw material for me. My love’s not impersonal yet not wholly subjective either. I would like to be everyone, a cripple, a dying man, a whore, and then come back to write about my thoughts, my emotions, as that person. But I am not omniscient. I have to live my life, and it is the only one I’ll ever have. And you cannot regard your own life with objective curiosity all the time…”

Sylvia Plath