Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There Are Roads Left In Both of Our Shoes

Today I was making my daily run through music blogs I follow to see if anything new was posted. In one of the blogs, You Are The Voice, I found an acoustic concert Ben Gibbard did for NPR in 2007. I downloaded it and have honestly listened to it most of the day. 
The album has Death Cab, Postal Service, and songs that Ben has released himself all together for one show. As I've listened to these songs stripped down and played on acoustic guitar and piano (especially the Postal Service songs) I find myself falling for them all over again. The lyrics to these songs are so well written. Behind each song is a well told story, put together poetically to enlighten and entertain the listener. 
I will forever be a fan of Death Cab for Cutie (Ben Gibbard). 


Myke said...

He's an amazing songwriter. It seems like singer-songwriters today either are great lyricists or the actual music of their songs are great, but Ben's got it goin' on in both departments. He's like modern day Cat Stevens (albeit less folky).

Myke said...

P.S. What did you use to unzip this? It's a .rar file and my trial version of WinRAR is expired and I don't feel like paying for it.

alison said...

i love that concert, a lot.
i wish he was fat again though.
that picture creeps me out.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

After hearing it tonight, I feel like I have to make some type of comment on the goodness of it, but I don't really have anything to add beyond what you and myke have already said.