Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yesterday: The Beatles?

Yesterday was a good day.
Not this past Christmas but the Christmas before I got a book from my aunt. This book is called The Road. It took me almost year to start reading it. I regret not having read it sooner.
I started the book yesterday and finished it today. It was an amazing book. I couldn't wait to turn the next page.
It's about a post apocalyptic earth. Very few people are alive. There is no food. The sky is dark. Ash is every where and makes it hard to breath. A father and his son are trying not to starve and fight off the remaining people who are trying to survive too.
My description doesn't do the book justice. It's a great book. Just read it.
Also. . .
Christina pre-ordered Eels new album, End Times, for me for Christmas. Every Eels album gets better. I've listened to it all day. There's nothing better than hearing great new music from your favorite band/artist. Thank you, girlfriend.

It's really fitting that both the book and the album are about the end of the world


Myke said...

I read The Road back in April. Pretty good. Even though it's a post-apocalyptic story, I like the fact that it's not a social commentary like so many other post-apocalyptic novels, i.e., Brave New World, 1984, etc. I get kinda sick of that. It's less of a 'humanity struggle' and more of a 'human struggle', which I can always get behind.

I'm not sure how I feel about the way he writes dialog... it almost seems like he does that for novelty's sake.

I will say, though, he's certainly an expert at creating such a bleak landscape/atmosphere. You almost feel like you're there... it's almost a relief when you put the book down.

Anonymous said...

Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

Tyler Takes Pictures said...

man i read the road in three days. couldnt stop.
ps, yes i follow your blog.