Friday, January 15, 2010

One for me, One for my hommies

Lately I've been making little raps. I've become quite good at it. I want to share some with you. They've all been to Christina. I'd like to call them freestyle text raps. Before I share I want to give a special thanks to Eminem, Tyler Wonnacott, Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Rap #1
Name: Fox

Girl, You're not a squirrel,
You're a fox!
Meet me at the box,
jack in the box.
When we get there we'll get some fries
And hope they don't have flies. . .
You wanna know why?
So we don't DIE
WORD. . .

Rap #2
Name: Night On The Town

Yo Gurl! you like the sun.
Lets have some fun
and then we'll run to the store and I'll buy us some more chips and dips
and I'll whips this car around
and go on down to another town
Gurl, don't frown
And I won't drown!


Myke said...

Quit your day job!

Vickie said...

fist pump!

Quinn the Eskimo said...

yo me and ZPG
r'member back in da day
we wuz ridin and wuz thuggin
but we couldn't get no play

then we's busted out da' rhymes
and dem ho's was all like daaaayum
whispa mo rhymes in my ear
befo' we goes and hits da' town

and now we doin' what we feels
and it be feelin' so sublime
we don't mess wit DANGER MOUTH (who?)
cuz he ain't even worth our time

well i hope y'all learned it well
and i hopes ya now can see
dat life is always better wit QPM and ZPG



depingsl (ok, so that is an unoriginal lyric, it's actually the verification word)