Monday, August 11, 2008

Asian Hooters

Tonight I went with Jed and his friends to Japanese Steak House which is like Bennie Hanna's which reminded me of The Office which reminded me of Asian Hooters.
It was one of the greatest dining experiences of my life. We were all sitting at this horse shoe table with a big grill in the center. All of a sudden the authentic Japanese chef came out and squirted vodka all over the grill and set it on fire. Flames flew up in the air. I think it might have singed Jed's eye brows. It was insane. Then he cooked all of the food right in front of us. It was very entertaining. He was throwing his knives everywhere, he even made a volcano out of onions. Incredible. The food was really good. I got the steak and scallops with fried rice and vegetables.

I give Asian Hooters two thumbs way up!

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