Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Arts and crafts

Man! I have a lot to blog, blog, blog about. I'll start of in order.
  1. I was on a poster on campus promoting jogging. I can't believe I failed to write about this before. Anyway It's probably the highlight of my whole life. I've finally made it to the tippy TOP. Thank you Quinn Merrill.
  2. This weekend was really fun, by far the best weekend of the semester. Harper had a mock tail party (very much like a cocktail party) on Friday. Drinks were great and so were the decorations. Then we went to Sherries(like Denny's but like good and stuff). I had the best damn chocolate pie I've ever had in my life. No joke. We played sugar salt roulette. It was a gay ole time. 
  3. Saturday: Straw Maze or as the Ancients would have called it a Maze, Maze. We went to the straw maze outside of town. We were lost for a really long time until finally we found the way. We took a what we thought was a shortcut. It turns out it was the portal to Narnia. Mr. Thomas greeted us with tea and strumpets. We found are way back right to the end of the maze. Afterword we had a maddog (brownie with mint chocolate chip ice cream and carmel on top. We eat it of the table) at our place. It was a really good turn out. It was the first maddog for a lot of people there.
  4. This didn't happen this weekend but tonight(Tuesday) we had Arts & Crafts night. We made friendship bracelets for each other and listened to Fleet Wood Mac on vinyl. I was supposed to make homemade ice cream, but kinda dropped the ball. 
The week only seems to be getting better. I don't have any class on Thursday because of com day, so I'm going to Salt Lake to see Fleet Foxes. Then on Friday Sherwood is playing in Rexburg. Paul and Brenda, and hopefully Doug are coming down for the weekend. Should be good. Maybe bloggable. 

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