Thursday, December 4, 2008

"We're Going to Be Friends"

I've made really good friends this semester. Some of you are going home for the winter semester. I'm going to miss you friends that are leaving. It was good to get to know you and I hope that this summer when you return we can continue our friendship.
Tuesday(Wednesday) Fest was great tonight. In my opinion one of the best of the semester. Thanks. 


Myke said...

I think my favorite part of Tuesday fest last night was that it was on Wednesday but we still called it Tuesday fest. My dead-arm bruise is developing nicely.

Amy Doll said...

I will miss you while I'm in Indiana working and you're in Rexburg doing things like mad dogs and Tuesday Fests.
But I don't know about being friends next summer because, well, it will be a new semester and there might be cooler people to hang out with who don't sit around and watch Sports Center all the time. I'm looking for people to discuss the intricacies of Twilight with. You know how it is.

Thome said...

Can I be the guy in the middle playing the saxamaphone?

Leah said...

Agreed. It was a great Tuesday Fest. Mad dog, Tom having nothing to say in response to Amy's shut down, records (Oklahoma thanks to Myke), the abominable snowman with no teeth, you missing Tom's arm by a few inches, Harper in her panda suit, Quinn leaving to the film festival and then returning two minutes later, you ordering from Wendy's when Tori and I were going to McDonalds, mission photos (the very stylish necklace), me coming clean about the Jonas brothers, and MORE.