Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog a di Blog da Blog Blog Blog

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. Why is this you ask? Well good question. I've been rather busy. Although this is Christmas 'break' It seems like I haven't had much time to just relax, but just because I've been busy doesn't mean that I'm not having a good time. 
Like today for example. Today my grandmother and I went Christmas shopping. We haven't had a Grandma-Grandson date since I was a little kid. She even took me to Olive Garden after we were done. What a good grandma. 
I've also really enjoyed Mom and Dad. I miss hearing such phrases as, "Hey, hey son. . . Have you ever seen a grown man naked?", or just hearing my mom yell at me to get me up for church(its great I've never ever needed an alarm clock growing up, but the downside is you can't push snooze on your mom). 
Home is good. I hope my friends are having a good relaxing break as well. 
Merry Christmas


Leah said...

I hang out with my grandma a lot these days. Somehow she manages to forget what she had for lunch or that my sister has had the same TV for 4 years now ("Oh you got a new TV! That's really nice!"), but that doesn't keep her from telling me some really great stories.

Amy Doll said...

Oh presh!
I'm glad you're having a good time in Ok Oklahoma.
Remember how you're taking me to Olive Garden and paying for my meal as long as its under $12?
Yup. It's really going to happen.

Myke said...

Dude, your brother seems like a cool dude. I caught them as they were heading into their apartment. I gave him a hug for you and we had a short conversation. This was my favorite part:

Him: "So is Zach staying away from Thome at all?"

Me: (Laughter) "Not at all!"

His mannerisms and the way he talked totally reminded me of you and it cracked me up.

Harpski said...

Oh Sac, I am glad that home life is fun. I woke up around 5 today...PM! It sure is nice not having to do anything!

Brent Colbert said...

in Oklahoma. its sort of close to illinois. come to meeee.