Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Late

I've been home for a while now, like two weeks or something and I've come to conclusion that I'm perfectly content with doing nothing(by doing nothing I mean not having a job and not going to school). I'm not lazy when I'm home. I try to help out where I can. I helped my mom with dinner tonight. I play with Anna. Last week I helped my grandma take care of some stuff. I kinda stay busy, but nothing strenuous. Honestly if I could get by without working or schooling I think I would. In fact after much pondering and reflection I think those are the two things that make me the least happy in my life. I hate my job and I hate school. The only reason I'm working and schooling is so I can have money. That's it. I need money now so I work at Little Caesars'. I want a steady income someday so I'm trying to get my degree.

Wouldn't life be so much easier if we didn't have to worry about money. Think of all the cool things we could do instead. I would just leave and travel for a while. I wouldn't have to worry about the cost of my plane ticket or food or boarding. I would just load up and go. 
I don't think I would just sit at home and do nothing. I don't want to be lazy but I don't to work either. 

I know that this isn't possible. I'm not saying I'm not a happy person. I even find a little happiness at the two killers of happiness, work and school. It's just a thought.

I wrote song about it and even made this fine music video for my song that I wrote.


Thome said...

I couldn't agree more. Seriously the only think that I don't like in my life is my yob, but I gots to have it. If this perfect world that you described existed I would like to think it would be a lot like our roadtrip to Georgia. Except all the time and to a lot cooler places

Myke said...

It's funny, I was just thinking the same thing over the past week or so. I don't necessarily hate school or work, but at the same time, the things where I find the most joy in life is spending time with family and friends. And music. You don't really need money for any of these things. You know what Neil says about money, "It don't sing and dance, and it don't walk." I'd much rather just hang with people I love than have money.

Q. Patrick Merrill said...

Wow, your post describes the life i have been trying to live for the last year. I work long enough to save up enough money to not have to work. Then i find other things to keep me busy.
Once I start going broke i work again until I have enough money to live off for a while. It's a crappy cycle, but I feel like I have more freedom than I would if I became a slave to a career. I never thought I'd be that guy, but as each year passes and I stay the same age, I realize a little bit more how much I hate growing up.

Harpski said...

Hear, Hear! or Here! Here! (?)

Sac, I agree 110%. I do not really enjoy working and school isn't really that fun. Honestly, friends and music are what keep me going, so why am I a slave to everything else? If I had any musical talent at all I would have probably dropped out and tried to make something happen by now. I fear the day when we all graduate and go our separate ways. I'll have to make new friends again and I know they will not be friends like what we've got now! I suppose the best thing I can do for me is study something that I like. At least this way, I am hoping anyway, I will become a slave to a career that I like. We'll see how that goes.

I hear ya Sac, I hear ya.

toridickson said...

if i didn't want to have a family so bad, i wouldn't care about money so much and i would just travel and live off of the doing odd jobs and the kindness of others like jack kerouac did. or maybe i'd take pictures while i was at it and make money off those. but i don't think that would fit in much with having a family. maybe if im not married by the time i graduate i'll do that for a while.
i find it funny you're reading on the road at the same time you posted this. doesn't that book just make you want to hitch hike across america with nothing to lose?

Amy Doll said...

Sac, if you're in Apollo Sunshine why are you going to school at BYU-I-go-here-because-it's-cheap and working at Little Caesars pizza pizza?

Yeah. I hate moneys, too. But I'll probably be mostly poor all my life so at least I won't have to worry about having a lot of moneys. And that's fine. Mo money, mo problems.

P.S. This comment on your blog is my birthday gift to you. Happy birthday!

Noemi said...

Dec. playlist rocks!
i dont't want to grow up!
however i do want a job that i love even if it doesn't pay lot. i hate money!