Tuesday, July 8, 2008

With My Shirt Tucked In And My Shoes Untied

I love riding bikes so much. Probably my third favorite past time ever. Me, Tom, Quinn and Erica rode bikes for almost three hours on Sunday. We road places I've never been before. I had no idea that the bike path extended down past the cannal and over by the high school. We found a whole other bike path right by our house. It was really great. The weather was so nice too.

Sunday was just a good day. I even enjoyed church. I stayed awake for all three hours. I usually sleep through at least one hour.

I havn't stopped listening to Tilly and The Wall since there show on Wednesday. There new cd is from great start to finish. I haven't enjoyed a new album this much in a while. I think it helped seeing them live. It really made me appriciate the new songs.

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Brittany said...

what's with this sudden burst of blogging?
I like it.