Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flip Flops Sandals And Thongs

Saturday I went to a really good show. It was Drew Danburry's CD release followed by a really fun set by a band I just recently started listening to, Bishop Allen. 
I had a really good time like I usually do when I go to concerts. If you ask any of my friends they will be the first to tell you that after every show I go to I usually have nothing bad to say. For while after every show I would say something like, "that was the best show ever." I really watch myself and I'm careful to throw that phrase around so carelessly. 
In my time here at BYU-I I've had the oppurtunity to attend some really good shows. Last night I was thinking about some that I've been to and decided to make a list of a few of my favorites. 

The Format: I've seen The Format four times and every time was extremely good. There's something about seeing a band that you've memorized all their lyrics and even know a little something about their personal life(I swear I'm not a creeper). My first semester they were one of the first bands that I got into. In April of 06 I was able to take Jed to see them. It was his first show and because of that they are his favorite band. 
In July of 06 The Format came to Salt Lake right after Dog Problems(probably one of my favorite albums of all time) released. As they started their set it was completely dark on stage and Nate came out. All you could see was the but of his cigarette glowing orange as he got closer to the microphone. Then they started to play Dog Problems(the title track from the album) with basically a full orchestra. It was almost life changing.

Bright Eyes: Last November we traveled up to Billings, MT to see Bright Eyes. I had seen him earlier in the year and really liked it, but he didn't play a very long set and only played songs from his new album, Cassadega. 
The Show in Billings was great. He played for nearly 2 hours and played songs from all of his albums. His stage presence was really good. He even interacted with the crowd unlike the first time I saw him. The high light of the show for me was when he played You Will. You?Will. You? Will. You?Will. Its one of my favorite songs and it was amazing live.

Steel Train: I first started listening to Steel Train during the summer of '05. I really liked their music then. Their first albums were mostly acoustic and there were even a lot of instrumental songs.
I didn't see them live until the summer of '07. I really didn't know what to expect. I thought they would come out and sit on stools and play acoustic songs. I expected a really chill set. I WAS WRONG. Out of all the bands I've seen they put on the best live performance. They flat out rocked. They played all new songs that I'd never heard before, songs that would later be on one of my favorite albums, Trampoline. They started out with Alone On The Sea. I hate to say this because I'm really manly, but I got kind of emotional during the set. I almost got choked up. That's how good it was. 
During the song Monster's In The Rain Nate Ruess from The Format came out and sang. 
I've seen them two more times since. Both times were great, but nothing will compare to the first time I saw them live.

Melee: During fall of '05 I went with Meghan, Kent and Cierra to see Copeland at the Low-fi Cafe in Salt Lake. The second band to play was a band that I had never heard of, Melee. 
Right from the begging they grabbed my attention. Their energy was off the charts. I could tell that I wasn't the only one getting into the set. Everyone their was dancing and moving along to their songs. The lead singer would switch back between guitar and piano. They covered Tiny Dancer, which was really cool. 
I bought their cd and I'm sad to say that their album doesn't compare to their live performance, but if I ever have the chance to see them live again, I will 

Limbeck: This show was good for so many reasons. The music was great and it was fun to sing along, but the reason Limbeck makes the list is because they are really funny. Rob and Patrick(the lead singer and the guitar player) are hilarious. It was seriously like a stand up comedy routine between songs. They told stories about touring and just talked about really random funny stuff. I love Limbeck.

Maria Taylor: Maria Taylor has an angelic voice. Her lyrics are inspired. I was surprised at her(and her bands) ability to rock out. This show was also good because it was my first time to go to Kilby Court. I owe Maria big thank you for that. Ever since that I show I'm hesitant to go anywhere else to see a concert. Kilby is special. It has the comfort of a backyard house show, but it's right in the middle of Salt Lake City. There's a fire pit right outside where you can stay warm in the winter. There's a no moshing policy and you never get kicked in the head by a crowd surfer. 

Drew Danburry: The first time I saw Drew was at Heart, Mind and Soul here in Rexburg. The crowd was really rude that night. Everyone was there to see Love You Long Time and wanted to dance and didn't really care about Drew, but for those of us there that payed attention to his set, we were all inspired(musically). Every time Drew roles into town I make it a priority to go. He is a real musician. You can tell with every song that he sings that it is some how special to him. 
I've seen him with a full band a couple of times and as good as he his by himself(acoustic) he's much better with a full band. 

Of Montreal: I had only heard their newest album(Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?) when I saw them last November. I didn't need to know all of their songs to enjoy the show. It was the most theatrical set I've ever seen. Their was an elevated cat walk, dress changes, a projector with all kinds of weird art and animations showing in the background etc etc. 
They were really fun live and Kevin Barne's has an amazing vocal range. He was better live then he is on the the album.

Tilly and The Wall: Summer of '06 Meghan went to see Tilly and The Wall with Steven and Shauna. I've never been more upset for not going to a show. I got a copy of their CD from Meghan after the show and listened to it consistently. This past summer Tilly finally came back to SLC to play at Kilby Court. It was a much anticipated show for me. I went down with las Mexicanas and we had a blast. Tilly is known for their live shows. Instead of a drummer they have a tap dancer which adds a whole other element to their performance. The tap dancing isn't the only thing that made this show special. They are one of the most energetic bands I've seen. It's amazing to me that they can perfrom at such a high level night in and night out. 


benkeamy said...

No you're not a creeper.
You just like to observe people.
Oh wait. That makes you a creeper still.

I remember you guys going to Tilly and the Wall.
I was really jealous.
Still am.

Myke said...

I saw Tilly and the Wall like three years at some random show. I'm not that into them but they definitely put on an entertaining/original show. They had the tap dancer there and they were also doing some crazy things garbage can lids.

Maria is so legit. Both times I've seen her the crowds were just the right size -- large enough to pack the venue but small enough to be intimate. Her second show I saw her guitarist looked exactly like Steve Nash. It was during the NBA playoffs two years ago; my friends and I kept yelling Suns references but I don't think he got it.

Q. Patrick Merrill said...

My Top 3 Shows:

1- Jonas Bros. omg, they're like so hot right now

2- Vanilla Ice. Not as good live as he was on the teenage mutant ninja turtles: secret of the ooze movie, but still, it's freakin v-ice man.

3- Electric Owl: like the dashboard confessionals . . . but with less talent. who needs music outlet when you can travel farther and pay more to watch this guy?