Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Lucky One

I got to put on his name tag. As I walked him down to put up his luggage it hit me that I'm not going to see or hear from him for two whole years. I did the same thing. I was just as excited as he was when I got to go. He showed no signs of regret or fear. Jed is man. He's so grown up. I've never seen anyone more ready to be a missionary.
These last two days have been great. I got to pick up Jed from the airport Tuesday and then take him to the MTC this morning. I'm so happy that I got to see him and spend a little extra time with him before he entered the mission field. 
I love him so much, not only is he my brother but my best friend. We have a special bond that only brothers can have I suppose. He's my younger brother, but yet he's such an example to me. I look up to him. 

I am going to miss him, but I can't wait to get letters from him and know how his two year adventure is going. 

The lyrics from this song remind me of him.

"You’re the lucky one so I’ve been told
Free as the wind blowindown the road
Loved by many, hated by none
I’d say you were lucky cause I know what you’ve done
Not a care in the world not a worry in sight
Everything’s going to be all right
Cause you’re the lucky one"


Brittany said...

This is awesome, Zach.

He's going to do so well.

Alisa said...

You know Zach, that just showed of your example also. Sure do love all of you Gibson's examples.