Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Plus Ones

Every once and a while I'll here a song that has an absolute profound effect on me. Like the first time I heard "Gone For Good" by The Shins or "If Work Permits" by The Format. 
The other day I I was listening to All Songs Considered, a podcast by NPR that I subscribe to.  At the end of the program they played a song that I had never heard before, Plus Ones by Okkervil River. As soon as I heard it I focused in to all the words and the music of the song. I fell in love. It was amazing. It had the same kind of effect on me that the above songs had on me. 
What is really neat is that I had just got the album a few days before from my brother-in-law. I've listened to it like a thousands times or so since. 
That's all I guess.


alison said...

fantastic song. reminds me a lot of last winter. woo.

Brittany said...

your brother in law. that threw me for a second.

your little family is getting bigger!

jgibson said...

Where can i get it?