Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Life as a Substitute Teacher

I'm really liking this substitute teacher stuff. I'm starting to get to know all the kids in the middle school and the high school. I really like them.
This week I was the substitute chorus teacher in middle school and the high school. What are the odds of that. I've never watched the TV show Glee but I would assume that my life was very similar to the chorus teacher on that show.
Middle school chorus was crazy. I had over 60 kids in a few of my classes. They really behaved, which really surprised me. We sang a 1960's medley that started with Rollin on The River and had some Bob Dylan and Beach Boys in the middle then ended with that Dawning of the Age of Aquarius song. Those kids really love to sing.
The high school wasn't as amusing. We just watched Mamma Mia, which I may or may not have liked.
Last week my baby girl (boo, sugar mama, hot mamma, GF, breezy, home skillet, main squeeze, old lady) came to visit. It was pretty great. We're like in love and stuff so I don't think either one of us felt like we had to go be tourists or anything. We just hung out. We thrift stored, hiked a little, visited the grandma, made amazing food, listened to Vampire Weekend and Dustin Kensrue, went to Whole Foods twice, bowled. It was the best. It couldn't have been better. I can't wait to see her again in San Francisco.
Oh and I really like this song.

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Vickie said...

When I was in Middle School I took Chorus because my friends were all in it and it was an easy A. I got kicked out.

ZacharyPaul said...

You wouldn't have made it a day in my class, Morales!

Myke said...

I'm glad that you mentioned that you went to Whole Foods twice.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

You changed the name of your blog?!?!?!?!1111
Well if you don't need my help to get by, then screw you, we're not friends any more . . . j/k, I could never stay mad at you ZAckery paUl ;) lol

ZacharyPaul said...

no, no, no! not my intention. It's a hobbits tale

Quinn the Eskimo said...

oh yeah! that's actually really clever