Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Life as a Substitute Teacher: Part II

My dad's been sick the past two days. This bad and good. Bad because my old man is sick but good because it means I've got work for two days.
My dad teaches the Technology Education class (TECH ED) at the middle school. His class is kinda hard to cover. I can't really teach kids how to make CO-2 cars or build airplanes or balsa wood bridges, so I'm resigned to reading a book/internteting while they play games on the computers. I've got to constantly monitor what the little jerks are looking at too. Today I banned Google Images and Yahoo! Music.
There is however a bright spot. In about 30 minutes I get start to Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. The 6th and 7th graders get to watch a movie instead of having free reign over the computers. I'm all for it!
Its really sad to me that hardly any of these kids have seen any of the old Indiana Jones movies. Bob Dylan was right.
I feel really old today.


Myke said...

Man, that is a shame. Reminds me of my friend who only saw her first Star Wars movie a few weeks ago. And she's like our age too. No excuse.

Myke said...

I started wikipediaing The OC so I could be in on your inside jokes but then I stopped because I felt like I'd be embarrassed if someone caught me doing so.