Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Life as a Substitute Teacher: Part III

Today has been a day in substitute teacher heaven. I'm a math teacher today. If I were a real math teacher this would be bad, but being a substitute math teacher is a really, really good thing. The teacher probably knows that most subs can't teach or explain 1/4 of what these kids are learning, so all I have to do is pass out work sheets. And all the kids today are either seniors or honors students which = really well behaved quiet classes.

Today I've:
-Finished a book
-Started another book
-read (almost cover to cover)two magazines
-tried to figure out the new method of registering for classes at BYU-Idaho
-Internet shopped for things I won't buy
-Randomly surfed the WWW

All that and I still have a class and a half to go. Days like today make me happy to do what I do.
Also I was thinking. . . There are very few days that I wake up dreading work. I hope to one day be a teacher so I see this as a good sign.


cmonayyy said...

good books (:

also, i love you.
also, never teach math forreals or this is over.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

not to bring in a pessimistic vibe or anything, but i think real teachers have to make lesson plans and stuff. unless you teach gym or ceramics or something

ZacharyPaul said...

yeah, I think I can handle it. I know I'm not going to be able to kick back and read a book.

Myke said...

I think you should change the name of your blog to "My Life as a Substitute Teacher." Then you could just title each post "Part IV" and so on. Something to think about.

Ashley Jane said...

haha, that is awesome. Sac, I had no idea you are subbing! I also had no idea you were in Oklahoma (I mean, it was either there or Rexburg and I didn't necessarily think you were in Rexburg either) and also probably don't know about like 98% of your life right now and I shouldn't be surprised by this. Anyway- I might sub too!! Any tips 'n' stuff?