Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I ate too much butter and drank too much rum"

If you haven't listened to the Elected I suggest you do so now. When I first started getting into them I was living in Jackson Hole. I would come home at night after work, play Gameboy and listen to The Elected.
The lead singer is Blake Sennet of Rilo Kiley, Boy Meets World and Salute Your Shorts. They have two LP's. The First is "Me First" and the Second, "Sun, Sun, Sun".
I love them both but the second is my favorite.
I'm not a reviewer of music. I can't tell you all of the components that make Sun, Sun, Sun such a great album.
Every time I share this album with someone they really don't seem too impressed, which I guess is okay with me. Maybe it was the was the perfect album for me at the moment I needed it. A lot of the lyrics related to the way I was feeling at the time. I think its great, maybe you will too but probably not.

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cmonayyy said...

Zach, you're so unconvincing.

"This is my favorite album, no one really likes it, maybe it's good, i don't know."