Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Music Is Good Music

This year I tried not to give in to bloggers and friends by listening to all the cool new hipster bands. By doing this I missed out on some pretty darn cool music. Good music is good music no matter the hype or who is talking/blogging about it.

I'm not one to be bored. I usually can entertain myself fairly easily, but these past few days I've been . . . not bored, but finding myself with more time on my hands than I normally have. With this free time I've found some really good bands. Here they are. If you have some extra time check them out.

The XX-S/T
Passion Pit-Manners
Deer Tick- Born on Flag Day
St. Vincent Actor
Cass McCombs- Catacombs
Fan Farlo- Reservoir
K'Naan- Troubador

A few of those, like Deer Tick, I've had for a while I just hadn't got around to listing to.

Music is good. I love it. It's my third or fourth favorite thing in this whole world.

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Quinn the Eskimo said...

Zach's favorite things in the world:
2- Dr. Pepper
3- Little Caesar's
4- Music

yep, 3rd or 4th is about right, music is sometimes better than pizza