Thursday, November 19, 2009

R.I.P. LYLT (Love You Long Time, aka Love You Long Tizzle)

Favorite Love Your Long Time albums of the decade:
1. Don't Poop On My Party
2. Party Till You're Pooped
3. Party Till You Poop
4. Pooping At A Party
5. Pooping On A Party
6. Party While You're Pooping
7. Pooping While You Party
8. Party Pooper
9. Party Pooping
10. Poop, Party
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Vickie said...

you are funny.

ZacharyPaul said...


ZacharyPaul said...

oh that was me. not zach. hi readers of zach's blog.

tori lynn dickson said...

you missed poop party and poopy party

Thome said...

you forgot,"oh no, i shouldnt have eaten that, now I have to poop at this party" that was a classic.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

i personally enjoyed the middle aged inspired wherefore "why dost thou poopeth on my festival"

Jedediah Stout said...

Can I throw partooping in there?