Sunday, November 8, 2009

Best Albums of The Decade

Paste Magazine posted their best albums of the decade.
I really agree with it.
Take a look.


cmonayyy said...


InYourBoat said...

Real original. You are sooooo Indie

Myke said...

I'd put Illinois somewhere in the 30s... does anyone else think Sufjan is a bit overrated? Probably not.

Speaking of overrated, Arcade Fire. Funeral is worthy of being on the list but not at number 3.

I would've put Yoshimi Battles and Transatlanticism quite a bit higher as well.

Med Sud is a great Sigur Ros album but I've always thought Takk... was much better.

ZacharyPaul said...

I was hoping Illinois would be number one. I really love Sufjan, but I really agree with everything else you said. Transatlanticism Is top 8 at least same with Yoshimi. I was glad that put Bright Eyes at in the top 5. Most lists have completely left him out.
I just recently listened to Takk and MAN! It is blowing my mind. I listen to it and read Kerouac while I'm donating plasma. It's feels good.