Sunday, September 27, 2009

Long Overdue

I haven't blogged in a while. A lot of things of grand importance have happened since the last time I blogged (I'm not talking about posting lyrics, I mean like writing a real blog).

  • Winco Death March: In August a brave few young men and myself undertook an epic journey to the grocery store known as Winco. We started in Rexburg and walked 26 1/2 miles to our destination. It was memorable. We saw a naked cracked out woman run into a telephone pole. We were interviewed by the news. We sang songs, we laughed, we cried, WE ENDURED. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my twenty-five years of living. By the time we arrived to Winco I was in excruciating pain, as well was everyone else. It was a little harder than we expected, but well worth the trip. If asked to do it again I would mos def decline the offer. Do I regret it? NO! It shaped the me into the man I am today and for this I am grateful.
  • San Francisco: I went to San Francisco twice during the seven week break. Both times were pretty great. The first time I drove Christina down then flew back. THE second time I took a train. For those of you who have never ridden on a train I highly suggest it. It's affordable, comfortable, scenic, etc. I loved it. Before I left I made a playlist full of songs all about trains to pump me up. It worked. When I got there Christina picked me up and we went to City Lights. It's a book store, but it's were Jack Kerouac hung out when he was in the city. The next day we went to Big Sur. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Christina and I watched the OC. We ate good food. It was an amazing week. I was sad to have to get back to Rexburg.
  • Music: So many good albums have come out in the past month. Monsters of Folk, The Avett Brothers and Joshua James. I've found some really great songs too. The Shins cover a song called Plenty Is Never Enough on a compilation of songs to honor 20 years of Merge Records. It's a really really great song. I've been listening to lots of Neko Case too. I don't know what it is about her voice, but it makes me feel great. Her newest album Middle Cyclone is flawless. I really love it. I've also been listening to M. Ward and Lykke Li a lot.
  • Work: I usually hate work, but for some reason I've really liked it. I don't want to say I've enjoyed it, but I've been able to tolerate it better.
I'm pretty happy.


Quinn the Eskimo said...

Oh Gibson, you're such a puppy

(bless your heart)

Leah said...

I loved that comment your parents (mom?) said about Christina's fbook status the other day. Just saying. And am I really discussing a facebook status on a blog post? I am so modern.

Hooray, for being happy.

InYourBoat said...

I'd like to say it's cause you work with Bryce

cmonayyy said...

yeah, you were due three weeks ago.

Myke said...

I really wish I could've experienced the Winco Death March. I feel like I really missed something.

Also, I'm pretty jealous of your San Franciscan adventures. That entire area is amazing.

Anyway, I miss you, bud. I need to come visit soon.

wayne bass said...

So Gibby, I was playing around with Google Maps and supposedly it would only take us like 16 days to walk to Oklahoma from Rexburg. Are you down?