Friday, August 21, 2009

The Duke

Many of you may not know this, but I love John Wayne. I love every movie I've ever seen with him in it.
Every Monday and Thursday I go to the plasma center to earn a little extra cash. They always have a movie showing while as you donate. I usually don't watch it. I either read a book or listen to music or both, but yesterday they were showing one of my favorite movies, The Cowboys starring who else but John Wayne. In the movie he takes a bunch of kids with him to drive cattle across the prairie. Towards the end of the movie outlaws try to steal the cattle.
I hate to ruin the movie, but this is one of the few John Wayne movies where he dies at the end. I've seen this movie lots of times. I know the ending, but as I sat there I got a little choked up. It wasn't just because he died, but it was the way he died. It was noble.
I'm posting the scene. I hope you choose to watch it. I hope you can control your emotions.


Leah said...

I watched it. I was able to control my emotions. I did say ew at least once though.
I believe this was the most I've ever seen of a John Wayne movie. Thank you for sharing Zach.

Myke said...

The Duke is the man. Seriously. Find me more of a man than John Wayne.

I used to watch John Wayne movies with my old man and my brothers when I was a kid. Good times.

Vickie said...

i think i would have cried had i watched the whole movie. clips just don't have the same effect. but thanks for sharing cus now i want to watch the whole movie

cmonayyy said...

I won't lie to you (like I normally do)- this was a little emotional.
Thank you for sharing. You are so kind.
And funny and smart and good-looking and nice.