Thursday, August 13, 2009

I just finished 'On The Road' by Jack Kerouac. I've never been more happy while reading a book and this sad to finish one.
I thought of my grandpa the whole time. For many years George Gibson lived the life of Sal Paradise & Dean Moriarty. I love him.

Thanks Jack.


Myke said...

This book is on my list of 'to-reads' though it might be some time before I get to it.

Fryos. Is it just me, or are these Word Verifications getting awesomer?

Katie said...

such a good book!

Leah said...

This makes me smile. For extra reasons other than the ones you listed. This probably isn't making sense to you, but it is making sense to me. Haha.

cmonayyy said...

"I was beginning to get the bug like Dean. He was simply a youth tremendously excited with life, and though he was a con-man, he was only conning because he wanted so much to live and to get involved with people who would otherwise pay no attention to him."