Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Listening to my little black cat meow"

All of my blogs lately have been video blogs. I'm not a very good writer so whenever I get the chance to put up videos or pictures, I do.
That being said I think I'll write today. . . .
  • This summer has been good. I've seen great shows and I was on vacation every weekend of June and into July.
  • I've blogged about Salt Lake before, but I really love that place. Maybe its because my sisters there and every time I go it kind of feels like home. There are other great people there too that seem to be excited every time we go down. I'm pretty lucky. I've got great friends.
  • Today is July 5th. Anna's birthday!!! She's getting baptized today too. I really miss her and the rest of the family too.
  • I was thinking last night (as I was lying on the floor) about my brother and what good missionary he is. It's funny, he's my little brother but for the last 4 years I've looked up to him. He's taught me so much. Last year at this time I was on the phone with him at least 3 or 4 times a day, mostly talking about some band that either of us had discovered that day or stupid youtube videos we'd seen or politics.
  • Eels. . . I was looking back on my blogs and I've blogged a lot about the Eels. Over the past two years they've become my favorite band. At the begining of this month E realeased a new album, 'Hombre Lobo'. When it first came out I listened to it non stop for a week and kinda forgot about it, mostly because I've been really busy and also I've been a little overwhelmed with music. But I've started listening to it again. This week its what I've mostly listened to. It feels like my album, like it was written for me or something. I can relate to most of the songs. I don't know how he does it, but every album is better than the last.
This blog is really random. It's stuff I've been thinking about lately.
And what would be a blog by me with out a picture or a video. . . . So here is a video for your enjoyment. It's my favorite song from the new Eels album for many, many reasons.


Myke said...

Zach, you should do "writing" blogs more often. It's not that I'm disinterested in the videos or songs you post, but I'd rather hear what you think of them than only just the video or song or whatever. Write more.

Myke said...

Oh, and it's crazy, it seems like missionaries get better and better as the generations progress, even within the last few years. Just looking at my younger brothers is proof of this.

Anyway, I feel I needed to comment on your blog, not just about your blog.