Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Elder Jedidiah Aaron Gibson

This week has been a great week, I have been very busy and many wonderful things are happening in the mountain.
I think heavenly father stopped last weeks email from going through, because I was really down and pretty depressed. But that is life, if we don't have bad weeks, how will we ever know the good weeks. It was just I felt so very overwhelmed last week, every one we were teaching seemed to be falling apart and they decided to call us to try and sort that out. There are a lot of things they do not teach you in the MTC, they need do to a crash course at marriage counseling and how to deal with everyone's problems. But I think I am learning how to deal with alot of life's many challenges, and it seems to me the only answer for every problem is the gospel of Jesus Christ.
So I never told you about my trip to the Valley I don' t think. Well meeting Richard G Scott was a real thrill. We all got to go shake his hand and tell him where we were from, then he gets up in front of the whole mission and says in all his travels he has heard of every place every missionary is from except a Miami Oklahoma, so it looks like ol Jedidiah is putting exit 313 on the map along with Steve Owens.
Well transfers are next week, I have no idea what will happen, my mission president told me he didn't see any reason to make a change, but he said he didn't know what the lord had in store, so I have no Idea. Some days I am ready for a change, then others I want to stay and see how these people end up that I am teaching, I should have some wedding's/ baptisms coming up, which I am way excited for. I have been teaching families lately and it is such a wonderful experience to watch the gospel change a family.
I am truly loving my mission, it is the hardest and best thing I believe I ever done, I feel the prayers from all of you and they strengthen me.

Love always,

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