Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Does This Make Me Gay?

I've never filled out one of these survey things. I've always thought they were really stupid and TO BE HONEST, Girly. But I really feel like I need to support my friend Leah, so here you go. I did it. For the first time in my interned endeavors I've filled out a survey.

1. What's your favorite non-food/ supporting food (e.g. ice cream cones (the cone itself), whipped cream, marshmallow creme)?
Little Debbie Brownies. Every day before high school I would have one for breakfast, along with a Dr. Pepper.

2. Favorite book pre-high school?
Choose your own Adventure Books. My favorites were the Young Indiana Jones Series. I would have put Sports Illustrated, but its not a book. Go figure

3. Whose handwriting do you envy?
Easy Question. Nobodies. Shoot! In elementary school from 1st grade until 5th grade I won the boy penmanship award. When I won my first award back in 1991 I smelled blood from there on out and refused to let any boy or girl for that matter write better than me. I think my skills have diminished somewhat, but I still love my handwriting. It's manly, legible and nice to look at.

4. What does your blog title mean/ where did it come from?
I write about my friends a lot. I love The Beatles. I put them together

5. Favorite chore (or least hated):
I love doing dishes. My mom and I would always do dishes together. At work I always do the dishes. Everyone hates dishes, but for some strange reason I like doing them. At work especially because I can go in the back and turn on my music and not help up front.

6. What's your favorite kind of chip (baking and dipping)?
Baking: Just plain ole chocolate chip
Dipping: The Marry Piglets in Jackson Hole, WY has the best tortilla chips on the planet.

7. Favorite animal (mythological and real)?
Mythological:Falkor The Luckdragon from the Neverending Story
Real: Bigfoote. He's part human but so are monkeys


Thome said...

this doesn't make you gay but you liking guys does! (rimshot) thank you, thank you, i'll be here till thursday. try the veal!

InYourBoat said...

Vickie? What are you doing posting on Zach's blog?

Amy Doll said...

This makes you gay.
And so does having 23 followers.

toridickson said...

you always have to have a picture don't you?

Myke said...

Zach, I think the fact that you won the boy penmanship award five years straight makes you gay.