Saturday, February 18, 2012

It would seem that I quit blogging. Maybe I have. I'm sorry for that. Also who am I writing to right now. Weird. Anyway. 2012 has been a big one so far. I'm student teaching. It's going really good, better than I expected. I really thought It would be a painful, unforgiving experience, but I love it. The kids are great, I really like what I'm teaching. I'm learning a ton.
Me and Xtina both graduate in April, then its so long Rexburg. I think we're ready to go. I do like it here, but I've been in school entirely too long and 4 hours from Whole Foods is unacceptable.
On another note this election stuff reminds me every day why I'm a democrat. Thank you Grandpa & Jed.

This has already been a good year for music. New Damien Jurado is off the chain. Also, First Aid Kit's new album blows me away. Check em both out.

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Harpski said...

I remember when things used to be off the chain, I am glad you found something new that is off the chain.
You're writing to me Sac, I'm listening.