Saturday, October 1, 2011


I've found a way to increase my life by at least 10 more years. Right now on average I have at least two Dr. Peppers a day. If your counting calories that's 500 a day. That's a quarter of my government approved daily intake. Throw in a Snickers bar and BAM! That's right around 800 calories.
Sorry for rambling.
I have found a solution to my over indulgence. Drum role please. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dr. Pepper 10.
It taste like Dr. Pepper, it kinda looks like Dr. Pepper, but it only has 10 calories per serving (20 calories if you buy a 20oz.).
It has a slight diet after taste, but its really not too bad. Since yesterday I've had three and I haven't really wanted a regular Dr. Pepper.

I'm not opposed to women drinking it. I think the add stupid.


Quinn the Eskimo said...

why is the word women in such a girly color? kinda defeats the whole message, not that it was a good message to begin with

Ashley Jane said...

I'm kind of with Kwynh on this one. The grey and pink is just... 80's. And that's not masculine at all. But anyway- way to go! Lookin' after yourself and such. Also, please report when they come out with a 10 calorie Snickers bar. It can be manly, I'll eat it anyway.