Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I Married an Axe Murderer

We are married, not me and Thome but me and Christina.
It was a very nice little wedding. Then we spent a few days great days in Hawaii. Now we're back in Rexburg.
We're back to making vegan food, listening to music, and playing on the internet.
We're happy.

Thanks to all of our friends that made it California. You guys made a great day even better. To those of you who didn't come, may the wrath of hell follow you for 20 years.(I cracked myself up as I wrote that) I'm just kidding.
Dawgs, can you believe school starts back up in a few weeks? I can't. I'm kind of excited. I'm ready to be done. This is my last year of school. I have 5 classes this semester and 3 more in the fall. In the fall I have to take one extra meaningless class to get my financial aid. I'm thinking archery.


Ashley Jane said...

As far as an extra class goes- fencing can be pretty awesome. Me and Jack France accidentally took it together back in the dizzay.

Harpski said...

I'm glad you made youreslf laught as you doomed everyone. ha ha ha.