Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What's up Dawgs. Long time no blog. If you're worried about me(you're probably not), you shouldn't be. School starts tomorrow. The end of this semester will complete year number five. I'm kinda ready to be done with all of this(school that is).
Jedidiah Aaron "AP" Gibson will be home in two weeks. I really miss him. I'm looking forward to at least one night of tennis, cheese burgers, and spooning when he gets back.
I'm getting married in six months. I'm pretty excited about that. She's(Christina) pretty cool :)
I love the Eels and the Avett Brothers, oh and apparently Sufjan. That dude is starting to take over my life.

Good night.


Ashley Jane said...

Sufjan's kind of a babe! Even though he's dressed a little like Hot Rod.
I can't believe your bro is going to be back home already! And he's a freakin' AP?! Go him!
6 months... that doesn't sound as far away as when I last talked to you. Exciting :) So kul your bro will be home for it. (unfortunately) My bro will (probably) be home (if/) when I get married. That's in like 16 months. (I just like to whine like a hopeless old maid.)

Quinn the Eskimo said...

I'm sure going to miss Jed