Monday, May 17, 2010

I Win

I've been playing the lottery lately(the scratchers kind, not powerball). I'm mostly good at it. Two weeks ago I won $10. This weekend I won $2 and tonight I won $3. I buy them and Christina plays (unless I buy more than one then I scratch one).
We're probably going to hell.


Myke said...

I was about to condemn you for your sinful habits but it looks like you took care of it. Good job.

Harpski said...

Going to hell over $13 sucks. Do something else to make it worth it.

jk lol jp jp jp, but if it did work that way, you may as well make it worth while.

Vickie said...

i'm with harper. buy some cigs and smoke em or something.

Ashley Jane said...

totally l-ing o.l. at Vickie's comment. "and smoke em or something." I'm having trouble thinking of your other options with said cigs. Anyway.... uh yeah, see you in hell dude. I'm going for swearing though, not for gambling. Cuz I'd never do that.