Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby You're a Rich Man

The other day at work my good friend Nate was telling me what he would do if he had lots of money. That got the old wheels spinning in my head. What would I do if I had limitless amounts of money? Besides one or two things my list isn't too extravagant, but that doesn't mean that I haven't given it a lot of thought. 
  • My Own Private Island: Thome and I were watching Beatles Anthology earlier this week on DVD. In part 6 tells how the Beatles(John, Paul, George and Ringo) wanted to buy their very own island. . . you know to get away from everyone and everything. Seriously how awesome would this be. It would be completely rad to have my own island where my friends and I could escape and just chill on the beach. I think I would buy it somewhere off the Italian coast or at least somewhere in Europe. It would definitely have a house close by, but it wouldn't be a normal house. It would be like Swiss Family Robinson style.
  • Records: I would buy a ton of records. I wouldn't just buy reprints, but vintage copies of Bands like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground. I would want the most extensive vinyl collection in the history of vinyl collections. I was reading Rolling Stones 500 greatest albums of all time last night. I think I would probably buy everything on the list even if I like it or not it would be a sweet collection to have. 
  • VW BUG: For most poeple the first thing they would buy with all their money is a brand new expensive car. I'm ok with that. . . I'm not in to that though. The car of choice for me would be a old VW Bug. I would for sure put things like a 'cd player' and heating and a defrost, maybe even AC. I've always wanted an old Bug, so If I had the cash money I would buy one. 
  • A House: This to may seem stupid, but I wouldn't buy a huge house. I just want something kinda nice in Town. I was driving around Salt Lake today with my sister and we were looking at old houses downtown. How cool would it be to buy an old house in the middle of the big city and fix it up? I think it would be pretty awesome. 
  • And I would keep all my money in a big brown bag inside a zoo. . . what a thing to do


toridickson said...

i've always wanted a house swiss family robinson style! i hope i'll get to visit.
old beatles are way rad. i have a new one. it's cool. but not like the old ones.

Myke said...

One of the biggest disappointments I've ever suffered was at Disneyland when I saw they had converted the Swiss Family Robinson house into Tarzan's house.

A year ago or so I was browsing ebay and on the main page they had a bid for the world's largest record collection. I can't remember what records where in there exactly but the starting bid was $3 million. Needless to say, the records you're after would probably be found within.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

i actually had that same thought about the old houses in salt lake when i was at conference a year ago. except i would like to buy one of the really tall old houses and keep it old looking on the outside, old paint, old windows, but then make the inside completely new and pristine. we're talking granite counter tops and like a waterfall or something inside, and one room that is decorated like a temple celestial room.

Leah said...

An old house to fix up would be on my list too. I love love love old houses. I also really like old VW bugs. I find it highly attractive when boys drive old, semi-crappy cars. Jeep grand wagoneers (older the better) are my favorite. I sound like a creep.

Amy Doll said...

I support all of these.
Except how are you going to pimp your VW Beetle to be able to transport you to your private island?
Keep livin the dream.