Sunday, February 22, 2009

Summertime Clothes

I've been thinking a lot about things that I want to do this summer. This very possibly may be mylast summer in Rexburg, so I really want it to count. Lots of good friends are staying and lots of good friends are coming back. I'm really excited for the possibilites. 
Here's a little list I've come up with. . . (and some things that were on last years list that we never accomplished because it was too cold)
  1. Spend lots of time on the roof of the Thai Restaurant Apartment 
  2. Go to Yellow Stone
  3. White Water Rafting (If we do it through the school then its not that expensive)
  4. Ride Bikes (as a gang, weather permitting) every day
  5. Fly Kites
  6. Water Kick Ball
  7. Float The River
  8. Slip n' Slide
  9. Christmas in July Party
  10. Go to a Rodeo
  11. Camping (not on the side of a mountain and only when the weather is nice)
  12. Cinco De Mayo Party
  13. Croquet with Party Beverages
  14. Sasquatch!
  15. Multiple Chuckers Games
  16. Mesa Falls
  17. Craters of The Moon
  18. Go fishing at least once with Wayne and Jared
  19. Road Trip To Canada 
  20. Start a successful Gang and have a rival Gang
This list is open to suggestions and/or additions


KAT said...

ok i have also been thinking a lot about the summer and i think im going to steal my moms chocolate fountain and pizza maker to make our parties more ultimate. Also im excited for the water kick ball and cricket and possibly some badminton? all of your ideas have made me more excited. i will begin taking notes on local gangs to see what needs to be done

Myke said...

Come visit me.

Taffrine! said...

ill be the leader of your rival gang.

Leah said...

I might start crying. Really this sounds too good to be true!