Thursday, April 10, 2008

The List of Summer Plannings

Here is the list we made of things to do this summer

- Hike Table Rock and see the sunrise.(edited)
- white water rafting
- Yellow Stone (all of it)
- Go to shows that are good
- Co Op WEd NEw England(enough said)
- A Christmas in July Party
- Bike Gang will ride again
- Go to Mesa Falls
- Attend a Rodeo(or multiple rodeos)
- Water Kick Ball
- Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
- Camping (lots of it)
- Science Experiments from the top of the stadium
- fly kites
- That old favorite - badminton
- go to Creators of the Moon
- Learn to throw a boomerang
- Play croquet with party beverages
- Slip 'n' slide
- Float Fall River-
- Tag stuff(I'm not sure if this is facebook tagging or if this is tagging, like actual tagging with spray paint. Only tom will tell)
- Dress as Team Zissou and bike through town playing that one song... you know the song
- Megaphone at joggers and bikers ( just a disclaimer the "j" in joggers is soft. It's pronounced yoggers)
- Document everything by using a video recording device (we need to find one)

1 comment:

Brittany said...

remember how cinco de mayo passed and nothing happened? this list is dying, zach. what're you going to do about it?